Way Kabsa delicious

Way Kabsa delicious


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The Kabsa of delicious Gulf dishes based on rice, meat or chicken for their preparation, and with the components Kabsa mostly known, but the flavor vary depending on the components contained therein, and essentially different spices added to it, it is that change the flavor, in addition to vegetables and quantities play a role a significant change in the flavor, we will mention in this article, one of the recipes prepared kabsa.

Preparation method Kabsa


  • Two cups of basmati rice Long grain (washed and soaked).
  • Half a kilo of veal meat, washed and cut into medium-sized pieces.
  • Mtostta size of two grains Abanndoh peeled and chopped finely.
  • Besltan and peeled, cut in the form of slices.
  • Large carrot, peeled and grated.
  • A grain of green pepper, cut in the form of slices.
  • A grain of section chili slices shaped as well.
  • Two grains Lome (lemon dryer, preferably black color).
  • Several grains of cloves.
  • Several sheets of laurel.
  • Little saffron.
  • Bharat Small tablespoons of Kabsa.
  • One teaspoon of ground ginger.
  • One teaspoon of garlic powder.
  • Salt (as desired), preferably a large spoon or less.
  • Coal (for flavor).
  • Little oil.

How to prepare

  • Keep the meat in the pot and add water to him and wait until it starts to boil, and remove the fat layer that appear on the surface of the water using a spoon.
  • Add spices boiled after the removal of these fats, spices are: (bay leaf, cloves, ginger), and let it boil to mature.
  • After the meat is ready taken out of the boiling water, and bring much else, and put the onions with a little oil, and Nqlbh for five minutes, then add him carrots and continue stirring for a further five minutes, and then add the meat to the carrots and onions, and add all the spices add to tomatoes and peppers section, and continue stirring, then temper the fire and add a quarter cup of meat broth (broth chard), pepper, salt, and cover the pot to take vegetables and meat flavor spices, and after it dries the water Nhrkha to Taathmr a little.
  • Then add the rice without Nhrkh with the rest of the ingredients, and pour boiling water over it to Ngmr whole rice, leave it to a boil on medium heat for two minutes, and then reduce to fire as much as possible.
  • Leave it covered over low heat for a quarter of an hour, then make sure immaturity, it was not quite mature leave it on fire for five minutes or more depending on maturity, and it depends on the quality of rice and its temperature during cooking, the more I fire heat the results were better.
  • After the cooked leave Kabsa in the pot for five to ten minutes to relax a little, and during that we put Alvhmh on fire to become red (ie anthrax), and then put them in a small pot in which hot oil, then put the pot in the pot over the rice without pour on it and Ngtih to take kabsa flavor charcoal, then Nsakbha in a suitable tray and with our Arab power or can be provided with milk.


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