Way eat plant cream

Way eat plant cream


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Fruit cream

The fruit cream tropical fruit, grow in the tropics, and spread in Sudan, Yemen and Egypt, for the climate of the appropriate countries to cultivate the fruit, and found the first time in the Andes Mountains in South America, and was known as the Indian pineapple or quince Indian, studies have proved to be Medical properties are very useful, so as to contain important compounds for human health.

the shape

Fruit cream green from the outside, with a rough feel-like scales, but from the inside it is the core of a white color tends to milk a little color, but the seeds of Vtaiwilh color black.

the benefits

  • Cream contains large amounts of Viamin (c), which strengthens the immune system in the human body.
  • Cream containing fiber helps lower cholesterol in the blood, and this helps to facilitate the process of pumping blood to the heart.
  • Annona juice is used in the treatment of intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, or parasitic disorders such as amoebas.
  • Annona oil in the treatment of arthritis, wounds, boils and rashes is used.
  • When you crush the seeds of the cream can be used for pest control and head lice.
  • There are some chemicals in the cream helps to kill cancer cells, some of which helps the drugs used to treat cancer work better.
  • Annona contain vitamin B-6, which reduces anxiety and tension which are infected by the human impact of neurological convulsions.
  • Every one hundred grams of which contains two seventy grams of water, gram protein, and the price of grams of fat, and one and twenty grams of carbohydrates, and a half grams of fiber.

Way to eat fruit cream

For fruit cream taste is very tasty, it looks like some taste with a mixture of pineapple with bananas, but a lot of people are ignorant of the way off, because it is a fruit known to all, like any other type of fruit, here's how to eat:

  • Eaten raw cream through the peeling of the outer shell and eat the pulp directly, with the disposal of seeds, despite the benefits of the core of Annona but studies have shown that the seeds contain toxic substances used to control pests as mentioned above. We should make sure the maturation of the fruit well before peeling, and you can make sure that through touch, mature Valakecth are soft.
  • Can the era of fruit cream and drinking juice, through cutting the core Hpti cream into small cubes, and put them in a blender with a little water, and then mixed with four cups of milk, and a quarter cup of sugar.


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