Way Arabization Windows 8

Way Arabization Windows 8


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  • 3 way Arabization Windows 8 3.1 access to tweak Windows 8 Localized 3.2 download support for the Arabization of Windows 8
  • 3.1 access to tweak Windows 8 Localized
  • 3.2 download support for the Arabization of Windows 8

Windows 8

Is run from a Windows systems designed by Microsoft's system, it was officially launched in 2012 and ensure the official launch of his collection of copies, including: home version, professional version, especially business version, Microsoft was keen to keep pace with Windows 8 technological development with simultaneous the emergence of digital tablet devices, which relied on the presence of touch screen, and this contributed to the high prevalence of the Windows operating system 8 between users of these devices, and also because it contains a range of new features that Microsoft has added to him.

He complained that most of the users of this version of the Windows system from the absence of the Start menu (Start), they are accustomed to in Windows versions earlier, leaving them unable to cope with this change, which is concerned electronic devices tablet, and omitted the presence of users of computers still rely on the mouse, and keyboard to do their jobs, and even Microsoft can find the right solution to this problem, I decided to raise in 2013 an updated version of Windows 8, on behalf of 8.1 which contained the Start menu, as used by users, but with a set of changes in the icons for the home screen , and including changing the design icon of the Start menu.

Features Windows 8

There is a set of features that characterized the copy of Windows 8, including:

  • The ability to restore a system operating settings easily in the event of a glitch in it.
  • Support updates for modern electronic devices.
  • Strengthening of the firewall in the Windows system, which was based on the idea of ​​an anti-virus device.
  • In addition the idea of ​​multiple screens, which helps to run more than one application at a time, while providing easy mobility between them.
  • Development of property search for applications and files.
  • Update Task Manager system, applications, which closes any application that is not used for a long time.

Way Arabization Windows 8

Even Windows 8 user can get the Arabized version of Windows, you must be the application of one of the following methods:

Get tweak Windows 8 Localized

This contributes the way to install Windows 8 expressed directly by following these steps:

  • Special Buendoz CD put 8 in the CD player with making sure that localization supports Windows version.
  • After the CD player recognizes Windows 8, are waiting until access to the list of installation.
  • Download the language is selected to be the Arabic language, and then click Next (Next).
  • After the completion of all installation procedures for Windows becomes Arabic version ready completely.

Download Arabization support Windows 8

This is the way of the easy ways to localize Windows 8, which do not need to work formate computer device, and depends on the application of the following steps:

  • Put your mouse on the right of the screen until the menu appears is clicked on (Settings option) settings.
  • It is clicked on (Option Control Panel) Control Panel.
  • After access to the control panel screen is selected application (Language) language.
  • Languages ​​used on the computer will appear, and next to each language there is a word (Options) Options, is clicked.
  • Named option Download and install language pack appears, any download, and install the language pack.
  • Wait until the end of the download package, and then restart the computer, to be activated Arabization Windows 8 successfully.


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