Water Damage Diet

Water Damage Diet


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There are two types of diet: diet Saha, and diet is unhealthy or harmful in some Alohyan, health and diet is to adopt a person healthy daily habits can feel Balnchat, and contains important foods and healthy body without feeling the shortage in the body needs Alosasah, The diet is healthy, it leads to a loss Once it stops Almagueth, weight back again.

Water Diet

It is the diet practiced by people who want to lose weight quickly and without effort or Tab, Victvon only drink water for a few Oaam, and then start eating fruits or vegetables after weight loss. Add water to the fruit diet is not available in all viruses Alme, contain some of them Vqt, water and some of them let you eat apples with Alme, and this kind of diet or a diet similar to a large extent by fasting.

The risk of diet water

When the gel is covered in your day Alme, you your body is exposed to the loss of minerals and essential vitamins Hajath, and mass that will lose during this diet will not be Dhun, but will be water Vqt, as you will reduce the muscle mass in your body compared to reduce the proportion of calories consumed, which is recommended by 500 to 800 calories a day Aluahd, which is normal for this to Jsm, means you Bergam water will have to eat a little food when you've stopped your diet Alme, because the rate of metabolism have been Kber, down and if you do not get enough water during the diet or Alrgim, you are exposed to the risk of your body Paljvav,, resulting in Algthian, and Alagme, and Alamsak, headaches.

Add water to the diet without damage

Be sure to eat 5 to 6 meals a day of food with drinking 8 glasses of Alme, distributed half an hour before each meal and at other times of Aleom, and these meals are distributed as follows:

  • Breakfast: can eat bread whole grain with eggs or cheese (uncooked) or thyme to add a tablespoon of olive oil and some Alkhaddroat, while avoiding food Almkulai, or can have breakfast consisted of corn flakes (cornflakes) pill full skimmed milk.
  • Snack (2-3 times): The fruit share, or vegetables, or nuts raw, or mixing free of fat milk with a share of fruit after breakfast three hours after lunch three Saat, must share vegetables eat at least once a day.
  • Lunch: be a meal consisting of rice or pasta or soup with the amount of protein; Such as meat, fish or chicken without frying or adding fat and salad or vegetables.
  • Dinner meal consists of health authorities of all kinds, such as watercress salad, or yogurt salad or Fattoush.


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