Wallpaper paste method

Wallpaper paste method

All people want to be their homes are always in the best case, so they always care about cleanliness and order, and decorate it with the best decorations, the beauty of the walls of Almnol and free of defects reflects the beauty of the house, leading many to paint various types of paint, or decorate one of the types of materials used in decoration , but the majority prefer to use the walls of the wonderful designs of paper and easy to put on the walls.


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Wall paper

Wallpaper or as they call it wallpaper is a special paper used to cover the walls and decorated, as is considered a good way to hide flaws walls, wallpaper is not like paper normal, it does not like him in terms of structure and shape, it consists of materials and fabrics rough industrial fibers, and plastics, and chips wood, as it sticks to walls through repainted from the corresponding wall, and then glued to the wall, and paste method wallpaper is not that hard, but you need precision in order not paper loss or wall, and in the following proper way to paste the wallpaper.

Wallpaper paste method

Must be the beginning of the availability of the necessary materials are as follows:


  • Wall paper.
  • Ladder.
  • Tape measure.
  • Widescreen table, so they are working on them.
  • pencil.
  • a pair of scissors.
  • Paper newspapers.
  • A bowl full of water.
  • A ruler to measure long.
  • Dedicated to wallpaper paste brush.
  • Knife paste.
  • Unequivocal.
  • Sponge.
  • Rotary cylinder pressure separators.

Work steps

As for the steps that must be followed by pasting what are listed as follows:

  • Are initially measured the length of the wall that will be covered with paper from the ceiling and even the earth, and would prefer to leave from 4 to 6 additional inches on the measurement, and if the paper is inscribed prefer to leave two inches additional, in order to be possible enough space to arrange the patterns with each other, but if the inscriptions large format before the paper should be a story, and then the paper is placed on the table and begin to be measured by the length of the wall and educated by bullets and then the story.
  • To put newsprint on the floor down the wall that will be covered so as not to destroy the remnants of adhesives, and to bring the wallpaper and put the back of it to the outside, and then Thbliha cold water for a certain period and is usually less than a minute, taking into account the arrival of water to All aspects of the paper evenly, and then the individual paper on the table and make sure to activate the adhesive paper to be ready to paste.
  • Start gluing wallpaper on the wall.
  • Do pass a brush paste on paper to strip it from the air, and to take out the air located below, so as to prevent wrinkled paper, and is done by clicking on the adjacent bottom line of the ground and the upper line adjacent to the roof, using a knife putty and cutting, and then is used as a wet sponge to get rid of the remains of adhesive which emerged as a result of pressure on the paper.
  • To paste a second paper on the wall in the same previous steps and after completion, the pressure on the borderline between them using the rotary drum with careful not to exaggerate the pressure.
  • Paste the rest of the paper is completed as in the previous steps.


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