Virgo specifications

Virgo specifications


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  • 4.1 on the level of love
  • 4.2 on the level of friends and family
  • 4.3 at the level of work and money


Many people who believe in the towers, are thus following them with all longing and anxious, they believe their relationship with the most important developments that will get them during the year, and everything related to love, work, friends, family, money and many other things, and some watch it out of curiosity and get only entertainment, and each tower has a range of specifications and characteristics, its own personal.

Virgo specifications

  • Symbolized by the Virgin.
  • Classified as dirt towers.
  • Rational nature when judging things.
  • Influenced by Jupiter.
  • Checkered in temperament.
  • He ranked sixth among the rest of the towers.
  • Negative polarization.
  • Pisces is opposite the tower to him.
  • His favorite colors are: green and brown.
  • Sardonyx is a stone for him luck.
  • Rooster is an animal that symbolized by the Chinese.
  • History starts from 23 August to end September 22.

Personal Virgo

  • Virgin is characterized by serving others that dramatically unlike the rest of the towers, will help them without any hesitation, and this is a hard principle has in life,

It is also nice to be treated in a very refined, and when he decides to take a new step in his life he thinks quietly and carefully, and his character has a classic attractive character, and the structure of his body medium.

  • And possess many of the specifications that make a strong personality, which is: very practical, loyal lover and friends, and persevering in his work and his life, and has the ability to analyze things in a good way, on the other hand, there has many characteristics that make him weak at times, such as: anxiety continuously, and shame in many positions, and the criticism leveled for himself and for other people, often takes things very seriously.
  • There are many things that loves their presence in his life, he loves cleanliness and places clean, and loves animal husbandry and take care of them, preferably healthy eating, and wants to read books, and is interested in nature to a large degree, while there are many things that hates its presence in his life, he It hates loud lights, and hates chutzpah when others do not request likes to help.

General information Virgo

At the level of love

There has a great desire to care about his life partner, and when he loves it offers all of his passion and feelings, and loves the other madly, and when he chooses he is the person who has preferred great importance in his life, and remain stable with him his relationship, and be loyal to him strongly, and objective to exchange love and compassion together.

At the level of friends and family

Is characterized as a friend of his friends service loves, and gives them the tips they need to solve their problems, and always draws their attention to the need to maintain good health, and loves his family very much, and always be present when you need it, and supports anyone who needs him, and seeks to show the feelings of love friendliness through his actions and his actions.

At the level of work and money

Has a great capacity for analysis, which is successful in his work and industrious, but a racist, and seeks to achieve the goal always, and is characterized by Pantzamh, and has the ability to control the situation when chaotic, it is ideal Vindz functions without any mistake, always trying to show his best, and it is constantly looking for sources to increase talents at work.

As for his money, he deals with all wisdom, and spare part of his wealth in order to ensure the future, is very keen to spend within a reasonable and interested in buying things that add character aesthetically pleasing place, such as: paintings, antiques, etc., and uses your taste and distinctive in his home format.


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