Virgin qualities women

Virgin qualities women


  • 1 Virgo
  • 2 recipes women Virgin 2.1 Ideal 2.2 Wise 2.3 Cool 2.4 hydrosol problems 2.5 good heart
  • 2.1 Ideal
  • 2.2 Wise
  • 2.3 Cool
  • 2.4 hydrosol problems
  • 2.5 good heart
  • 3 Female Virgin Love
  • 4 Female Virgo friendship
  • 5 women Virgin Mary and Motherhood
  • 6 defects Female Virgo 6.1 difficult gratifications 6.2 concerned 6.3 intense scrutiny
  • 6.1 difficult gratifications
  • 6.2 concerned
  • 6.3 intense scrutiny
  • 7 Video the most beautiful qualities of women
  • 8 References


Born owners of 23 August Virgo to 22 September, belongs the tower to the ground element, which is the sixth tower in the circle of towers astronomical, and ruled by the planet Mercury, and is characterized by Virgos in general kindness tower, and tend to criticize everything, including this themselves and persons around them, they enjoy strong observation and accuracy in the analysis of things around them, plus they are very pragmatic, and Ihzawn strong character, and they Daimo search for good values ​​in the people around them. [1]

Virgin qualities women

Virgin is characterized by a woman with many of the qualities that make them someone special tower, including: [2] [3]


Virgin considers women seeking exemplary figures consistently, and that they rarely exclamation things as they are already present; Because most of them are not perfect, plus they always are trying to reach idealism through the mastery of the work performed to reach the best possible result, she likes to be the best ever.


Virgo women have a way of thinking very logically qualify it to control things from the right and the wrong perspective, it is usually correct to differentiate between them, and that because of its wisdom within it as well as high intelligence and sharp, which increases the ability to judge different things around them.


Owns a woman Virgo high sense of humor and wit big, they always have a smart and funny about different situations and things comments, due to her mind, who can think of super fast and then this joke launch, as well as she likes to ridicule and turn it to Tobeiran a lot of things.

Hydrosol problems

Characterized by the mind of a woman Virgo as an analytical too, they have a high ability to dismantle things and thinking about them in a unique way, so one of her skills feedback problem solving to her way of thinking, they are able to solve and manage a lot of things that can not other muddle efficiently.

Good heart

Is considered a woman Virgo most people love to help others, it has a net heart rejoice with the help of others and to help him overcome his problems, in addition to Taibtha make them dignified with around offering different things that can make them happy, they are always ready to cooperate.

Female Virgin Love

Virgin women feel panicked when they occur in love, plus they feel very ashamed that might prevent her from starting a relationship, it can not take the first step, but the man to undertake this step, the Virgin and women love to fall in love with the best person of them and more confident himself, in addition to be stronger ones and more able to protect them, and when you want to enter into a relationship, they require that this be a permanent relationship and the extent of life, and therefore a man to be trusted so that they are free from doubts completely towards him, due to being loyal to the very and loyal to her partner, and tend virgin woman to hide her feelings for a long time, which makes it a little more difficult for the man, they do not express easily her feelings, but as soon as sure of the subject, they will respond with a partner. [4] [5]

Female Virgo friendship

Virgo woman is considered one of the best girlfriends; Because they are interested in great her friends, and if encountered one problem, they will give him enough time to address this problem with him and solve them, plus they enjoy the great fulfillment of them, they will support them over a lifetime whenever required, and is considered one of the characters that are able to talk about anything, therefore, talk with them is fun and varied, making friends rich sessions always, enjoying this woman as well as the truth, it can never lie, but they are always honest, especially with her friends. [6]

Virgin and maternity women

Considered virgin women of mothers who enjoy Optimally, they are keen to keep her home clean and tidy too, and devote herself to her family and her children, once the kicking her first child, they will be eager to find a healthy and clean his environment, and always this woman is present to support her child in various situations and cases whether personally support or academically, and women are regarded as the Virgin is relatively strict about the behavior of their children, they want them to follow the correct behavior always, and in return they always give them enough love and asking them as well, in addition to this, they care greatly for their health and always encourage them to health practices good. [7]

Disadvantages Female Virgo

Just as a woman enjoys Virgo has many positive qualities, they also have some drawbacks, but it must be noted that these qualities may not be inherent to all girls of this tower, including: [8]

Difficult gratifications

Is considered a woman Virgo women who are difficult to Aarzaihn, and it is because it analyzes the things significantly Vtjd errors even if you were not clear, which makes please it very difficult, in addition to that idealism usually prevent them from feeling that good enough to satisfy things.


The tower of the Virgin is a woman of the characters worried, especially with regard to thinking about the future, they are always thinking about what makes significantly counter rising concern then, and it is not limited to a particular thing, but includes all the things you can think about it.

Intense scrutiny

Working with a woman of Virgo is very tired, so it is highly checking on every detail of the work, if forgotten person in detail what they will feel very disturbed about, and will be keen to work with the best possible picture and the closest shows to the ideal often.

Video the most beautiful qualities of women

What are the qualities that distinguish the beloved woman? Know it through video:


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