Types of trees and their names

Types of trees and their names


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Benefits of trees

There are many trees that man used in the interests of the service, whether they are taking for decoration, or for the treatment of various diseases, or food for humans as a source, or have used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic, and its benefits are limited to humans only, but other organisms; Like animals, birds are considered the trees food source for animals and birds, and a place safe to hide from enemies, or use them as homes to them, and we will mention in this article, a number of useful trees numbering in the world is about 3 trillion tree, which is decreasing due to various human activities. [1]

Types of trees and their names

Trees and many polynomials and countless of them: [2] [3]

  • Maple siwaak (arak) is a plant species of arak, grows in the tropics, and is concentrated in the southeastern part of the desert of Egypt, and in the valley of Mecca is mentioned in the Sunnah, and has a number of benefits including; Fragrant mouth, strengthens the teeth.
  • Basil Tree (Ace) is one of the permanent trees evergreen with aromatic fragrance, white flowers bloom in the month of May, and completed its growth and maturity in the autumn, there is in the country of the Mediterranean, and Corsica, and the multiplicity of benefits where it was used in the past in the work Wreaths offering concerts , weddings, and to celebrate some religious rituals, and is used as a kind of wood is incense, and used some flowers in the extraction of water navigator, which is useful in care of matters pertaining to the skin.
  • Chrysanthemum: called the daughter of the sun, or cotton tree, or birch, or tree of wisdom, found in tropical areas under high temperatures, with a white flower in the middle, surrounded by yellow sheets, were used in the past in the treatment of some female diseases, treatment of fever, contraindications some of the wounds.
  • Balsam tree: concentrated in areas with high temperatures, with sap and resin Bsakanaa branches.
  • Flower pepper tree: This type of trees in the Arabian Peninsula, is characterized by yellow Blunha, and smell the pure.
  • Violet tree: from aromatic plants that are characterized by white Blunha, or which tends to be reddish according to its kind.
  • Tree Bay La Sun: trees that are used in ornamental purposes, and are used in the formulations industry, and in the fat fragrance industry, there is in Switzerland and Northern Italy.
  • Apple tree: its origin dates back to the pink species, and multiple benefits to the body including; Containing materials necessary for the body such as; Calcium, sucrose, iron, potassium, vitamin C and B, and glucose.
  • Mulberry tree: belong to Qrasiat, her black and white two colors, taste delicious, eaten fresh, or canned, or makes them jams and juices.

There are a number of other trees figs, and vetch, walnut, poplar, and cumin, vinegar, lavender, bamboo, peach, elm, and oleander, sesame, olives, lilies, oaks, cactus, willow, sandal, jujube, and Kadi, almonds, bananas, and Almaty, and Prosopis, pomegranate, orange, cypress, pine, juniper, oak, beech, chestnut, maple, fir, pistachio, cherry, almond, hazelnut, oak, sycamore, rice, guava, eucalyptus, jujube, grapes, mango and pistachio.

Video for tree species

To learn more See the video


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