Types of Operating Systems

Types of Operating Systems


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  • 1.1 operating system functions
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  • 2.1 Dos
  • Windows 2.2
  • 2.3 Linux
  • Mac 2.4
  • Android 2.5
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The operating system

It is a program that supports electronic device, to work according to the applications available with him, and since the beginning of the manufacture of electronic equipment manufacturers keen on the design, or purchase an operating system provides them with the ability to work based on the goal that made him.

Operating system functions

The operating system used with computers, or digital devices, a set of functions that works to do, namely:

  • Data processing, through scheduling, build and distribute them to their own classifications.
  • Storage memory storage provides the ability to work, and save it from being lost, inside the storage memory attached with the device, or by using an external memory, after the user to complete the tasks they want the operating system in the electronic apparatus.
  • Connectivity between the components of the device, the operating system works on the link between the internal components of the device, and external, for example: When you press the computer power button, issue an order for the system to run, ask him to work.
  • Access to the results, contributes to the operating system access to all the results that the user wants, which depends on the task at hand, such as: demand from the attached computer with the printer to print the paper required.

Types of Operating Systems

Types of operating systems, used in computers, digital devices, smart devices include:


Called in English (DOS), and is one of the first electronic operating systems defined by the users of computers, especially manufactured in collaboration with Microsoft, which worked in 1982 on its development, the so-called MS-DOS.

Contributes to the provision of basic environment running computer, handles data through commands work on writing the user in the system panel, which is made up of black color, but work on it did not continue individually, due to the lack of ease of dealing with it for new users, so keen Microsoft to find an alternative, mainly relied on a dOS environment in his work, this alternative was the Windows operating system.


So-called English-language (Windows), which is an operating system designed by Microsoft in 1983, and RPR capacity to deal with it, compared to the previous operating (DOS) system; Because it contains the interface more interactive user, including the presence of windows, icons associated with applications group, provided a complete process environment, such as the ability to write, painting, doing calculations, and other other means provided by the Windows operating system, and is keen Microsoft to develop it continuous, design updated versions of it.


Called in English (Linux), which is the operating system designed in 1991, one of the operating systems used across computers, and provides many of the applications that are similar to the Windows operating system applications, and made sure many computer companies, on its polarization and work to develop it, so fit with their work environment.


Called adult English (Mac), a special operating system with only Apple Inc., does not work on the other, and is used with Macintosh computers designed by Apple Inc., and contains many of the applications that contribute to the provision of services to the user, and with the invention of digital devices (smart) , designed version of this system compatible with cellular devices, smart and tablet created by Apple company.


Called in English (Android), which is run continued for Google Inc., which announced in 2007 the system, and is one of the most operating systems commonly used in modern smart devices, and for ease of design, and deal with, and provided the ability to download free applications, and paid so provides the user to control the contents used by the smart device.

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