Types of fruit trees

Types of fruit trees


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Fruit trees

Fruit trees are considered as a kind of plant species that grow on the surface of the Earth, which are loaded with fruits as food for humans and some animals, as they are every tree bearing flowers, the flowers turn into the fact that the fruits later in the stages of the growth of the tree or plant. The study of fruit trees branch of horticultural science. [1]

The most important fruit trees

And there are many kinds example of trees and fruit trees, perennials, including almonds, citrus and palm trees, pomegranate and fruitful pine, olive and pistachio, and we will talk about them in detail. [2]

Types of fruit trees

Of the most prominent types of fruit trees: [3]

  • Almond trees: It is a small-sized trees Comparatively, trace species shifts, and it has several types including: peaches, almonds, both types of sweet and sour, peach, Alinktren, and peaches.
  • Citrus: Also called citrus or citrus fruits name, and is native to eastern Asia, and abound cultivated in the Mediterranean coast areas such as Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Morocco and Spain in the west, Examples include: lemon, orange, Albomla, mandarin. What distinguishes the fruits of these trees rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin C, which contributes to the preservation of human health and protect it from various diseases, characterized by its fruit as acidic taste.
  • Palm: It is from plants that follow Alvovljeh species, native and native to the Canary Islands and Central Africa and south-east of Europe, as well as in South Asia. Grow in deserts, swamps and semi-arid areas, and are often close to the underground water high Kalenaabie rivers, and fruit have crimson skin.
  • Pomegranate: a medium-sized trees; Where rising up the tree of which nearly 6 meters, branches pendulous, and have thorns, and its leaves and branches green tend to red, fruit spherical shape on her head a crown, leather dander textures, and inside the fruit a lot of seeds in white or red, called flowers Paljlnar.
  • Pine fruitful: a type of forest tree species and fruit, trace species conifers, a severe tree height; Which reaches a height of about 25 meters, with a thick crown umbrella-shaped, flowers have a note in brown studded brown, floral feminine fruit is pale brown inlaid with Ford.
  • Olive: a tree plants that follow a platoon bearing crop, a permanent evergreen trees and perennials, the fruits of its oval-shaped green and then turn to black after maturity, and is extracted from the fruit of olive oil.
  • Pistachio: a tree that follows a platoon Batmyat, and the areas most famous for this type of trees Mork area in the Syrian Republic, a perennial trees, and the height of the tree about 4 meters, and even bear fruit must be the presence of both sexes, including male and female. Oval-shaped fruit inside the nucleus bloom when mature to extract the pulp which is the part that is taken.


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