Types of cooks

Types of cooks


  • Types 1 cooks
  • 2 Fast meals 2.1 Cupcake desorption 2.2 Burger home
  • 2.1 Cupcake desorption
  • 2.2 Burger home
  • 3 main meals 3.1 inverted flower with chicken
  • 3.1 inverted flower with chicken
  • 4 appetizers 4.1 spinach salad
  • 4.1 spinach salad

Types of cooks

Different way of eating and cooking according to the place of residence, traditions and customary, you will find people in coastal areas increased their intake of fish such as shrimp, crab and seafood, and find people in the tropics increased their introduction of tropical fruits in Cooked such as banana, pineapple, coconut, and find people in the polar regions well-traveled from eating soup and warm foods to keep them warm.

Cooks also differ depending on the lifestyle, you will find housewives employees Akthern to prepare fast food, frozen food due to the tight have time, while preparing the housewife is working the delicious cuisine daily for the presence of time, it can be classified as types of cooks to:

fast food

Characterized by fast food short time required, and do not necessarily mean here ready-made meals that are sold Balosouk, but fast food prepared at home as well, and examples of fast food:

Cupcake desorption


  • Four tablespoons sugar.
  • Three tablespoons cocoa raw.
  • Three large tablespoons milk.
  • Three large oil spoons.
  • One egg.
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla.
  • Small hanging half baking powder.
  • A pinch of salt.

How to prepare

Mix dry ingredients first, and then add liquid ingredients gradually, and then place the mixture in a cup can put it in the microwave, and leave it in the microwave for two minutes.

Home Burger

You can prepare the burgers at home with ease, where you can ensure cleanliness and quality of its components, and the advantage of easily and quickly prepared.


  • Half a kilo of minced meat, finely chopped.
  • an egg.
  • ¼ cup cakes, baked or grinded dryer.
  • Salt, to taste.
  • Black pepper to taste.

How to prepare

Mix the ingredients well, and Ajnha and Korha balls desired the same size, and then the least in a pan with a little oil or grill for ten minutes on each side, and make them sandwiches additions desired, such as lettuce, or tomatoes, or cucumbers, pickle.

the main meals

They meals require a long time in preparation Examples include:

Inverted flower with chicken


  • Whole chicken, cut into eight parts to prepare the chicken broth.
  • Cut flower into large pieces.
  • Potatoes cut into circles.
  • Four cups of rice.

How to prepare

Aslq chicken attended soup broth as desired way, and then less potatoes, cauliflower, put boiled chicken in a cooking pot, and then place a layer of rice Vhbat fried potatoes and other layer screens of rice Vhbat flower fried and finally the rest of the rice, and then place the broth hot chicken on rice so overwhelmed rises with him, and leave it to simmer until cooked.


Dishes normally made before the main meals, which are either soup or authorities or snacks Examples include:

Spinach salad

Spinach is very useful it is rich in iron and tastes delicious, and makes it delicious dishes authorities. We need to prepare the spinach salad to: package spinach diluents and chopped coarsely, and small onion, cut into slices, ¼ cup lemon juice, three tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and bring to mix the ingredients well.


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