Types of characters in psychology

Types of characters in psychology


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  • 3.1 Positive figures
  • 3.2 negative figures
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Psychology emerged since ancient times, has been interested in studying the soul and spirit and knowledge of its origin. The psychological studies are not based on scientific grounds, and soon that scientists have linked to the knowledge of the feeling that is the most important mental phenomenon, and became a psychology note depends on the study of human behavior and his actions and his works; Because they relate to the same rights stemming from the consciousness or consciousness. Vallauaa or Subconscious may constitute an essential part of human behavior and thoughts. [1]

Personal concept

Known as the personal qualities of several psychological and physical acquired and inherited, also include customs and traditions associated with human beings, and a range of emotions and values ​​that govern his actions; Where all of them are interactive and show people on this image through human treated in the different fields of life. If a bug that happened in one of the components of personal or some of them appear on the person known as personal disorder, and lead to the emergence of many human patterns, some may be difficult to understand or interpret their actions. [2]

Types of characters in psychology

Multiple types of personalities interested in studying psychology, and has all the qualities of a prominent figure gives a general nature of its own, and these types of characters may be positive or negative, and comes with information about each of them:

Positive figures

Some of the characters possess Svatta grainy, and help its owner to be happier and more stable, and contribute to these favorite qualities in the formation of the positive figures, as information comes from a combination of them: [3]

  • Personal compassionate: characterized by the ability to understand the problems of others, especially emotional ones; So compassionate person always tries to avoid hurting the feelings of people around him, and insists on the happiness of others and bemoaning them on their sorrows. Some may offend personal appreciation compassionate Verbtha weak, but weakness is not associated with tenderness.
  • Personal lymphoedema: the characters are more objective and systematic, Vtad personality of great wisdom, and give its owner the ability to deliberate and lack of emotion; Which it is characterized by no sensitivity and ability to analyze situations rationally, and is characterized by calm and sometimes lymphatic frosty and slowness of movement. Help recipe coldness to overcome the lymphatic causes of failure in his life, so personal perseverance.
  • Personal-mad: It is a combination of emotional and vital that offer personal passionate and interested in achieving their wishes, and to reach success on the social level. Linked to personal passionate months high-impact historical figures, they love power and leadership, and have a strong will may sometimes be interpreted as cruelty.

Negative figures

Some people possess qualities make their lives difficult, and be dealing negatively with other people, and represent all the negative figures, as information comes from a combination of them:

  • Neurological: is the character that agitated shall be kinetic energy high and is vital to no avail, and issued by the person with the personal nerve energy negative, as characterized by nervous not to stability and suffering in his emotional life, he is associated quickly and rush and then betray quickly, and loves nervous to be admired by everyone. [3]
  • Personal Altjunbah: It is a very sensitive character of any criticism issued by others; So this owner avoids personal contact with the people, he has only a friend or two associated with them nor do any activity without their presence, and the reason paid for this avoidance is feeling of inferiority and that less than others. It is also personal Altjunbah constant anxiety and anticipation. [2]
  • Personal Reliability: is a personal linked to persons Altaliyn, owner of these personal searches for any person who performs his duties, if lost friend looking for another even depends on it, and can not take decisions on his life without consulting give him peace of mind, it does not feel comfortable if alone . [2]
  • Personal obsessive: that the owner cares about cleanliness and order and small details in a way overpriced for the expense of quality, and the owner of these patients have personal obsessive-compulsive disorder, but has a personal and equal; Because obsessive-compulsive disease is not a permanent status but the status of each period and go sour treated with drugs, but they are personal obsessive embedded in human and treat her. It is also the conscience of this character alive too, is dedicated to his work Fterah on social relations account, and is keen not to waste. [2]
  • Personal Alchukakh: which is to be accompanied by unreliable persons around him, although they were the people closest to him, he is a permanent personal suspicion without convincing reason, and builds its decisions on weak evidence or fake. And suffers in his relations with others and takes most of the words very seriously, and read where the threats are unfounded, Vidfh to respond harshly, especially on those who attacked him intending to take revenge. [2]

Factors are personal

Each has a unique character person that distinguish it from other people, and grew up with him or Kaftrh it acquired from its surroundings; So some people make mistakes when they judge others from their outward appearance or just their lifestyle; As this thing is not enough to evaluate people, but must apply analytical studies aimed at clarifying the nature of their personality, and consists personality of the individual, depending on many factors, namely: [1]

  • Environment: is one of the influences that clearly shows its impact in the individual, either through actions or different ideas, and be sourced from his home or his school or community.
  • IQ: It is a combination of rapid understanding, and the ability to learn, and the possibility of adaptation to the environment, and to take advantage of all previous experiences, varied and different levels of intelligence individuals for each of them, and measure the level of intelligence depends on the application of a set of rigorous testing.
  • Mood is an important element in the personal configuration, Viather in the human soul is clearly shown in the behavior. The mood of the individual may be Andfaia inherited and dominant adjectives, or it may be emotionally and includes a contract acquired by those around him.
  • Creation: is the most important factors that make up personal, which gives them the qualities of good and evil, honesty, cooperation, lying, friendship, perseverance, and deception.
  • Body: The body's health and strength to be a source of confidence or weakness and decline, and the integrity of the mind as a remembering and thinking about adopting a part of the human personality, and also contribute to the secretions of the various glands in the body balanced survival.


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