Tumble muscle exercises

Tumble muscle exercises


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Tumble muscles

Falls to dry the muscles under the bodybuilding, and differs from inflating the muscles in the pursuit of the trainee behind the burning of accumulated fat around all muscles without neglecting any of them, and to highlight the normal size of the muscles and natural divisions, without the need to increase in size or amplified, and take into account when you exercise special Ptnchev muscle a special diet free of fat and carbohydrates with the possibility of getting a little sugar as a source of energy, can also rely on dietary supplements to compensate for the lack of nutrients and vitamins which is exposed to the body. [1]

Tumble muscle exercises

The trainee who wants needs in drying the muscles of the body to commit to a specific training program for a sufficient period until the drying muscles, the training program, which will be explained as follows runs on six days of exercises in a row without separation exercises or break among them, with access to a full day of rest the expiration of the six days, and to make it easier for the trainee will have to attend the training program from Saturday to Thursday with a break on Friday. [2]

  • On Saturday: three exercises for the muscles of the chest.
  • On Sunday: three exercises for the muscles of the dorsal.
  • On Monday: three exercises for the muscles of the shoulders.
  • On Tuesday: three exercises for the muscles of the legs.
  • On Wednesday: three exercises for the muscles of Albay, and three other muscles triglyceride and three other muscles of the forearms.
  • On Thursday: only two-thirds of an hour of exercise cardio.

The training program includes three specific exercises for each muscle of the body muscles task, as the three includes each exercise of these exercises on five stages, and should the trainee to use the maximum weight he can carry it during the first three phases with the re-exercise 8 to 12 times in each stage, the two phases remaining two will move the trainee gradually towards weight lighter with re-exercise at each stage of 12 to 20 times, depending on the exerciser endurance, while the rest between each exercise and another shall be between minutes to three minutes, with the need to rest between each stage and the other between half a minute to a full minute, so as to avoid situations of stress muscles and the ability to follow-up exercises until the last stage. [2]

Tips during the exercises to dry muscle

Of things are important to consider when doing exercises to dry muscle: [3]

  • Required warm-up exercises before you start blotting, as advised by doing abdominal exercises at the completion of each training day.
  • If there is a big fat around the abdomen is preferred practice exercises cardio for a quarter of an hour a day, including exercises jumping rope, running and riding a bike.
  • Access to sufficient quantities of water during the training.
  • Weights used in the exercises, according to the ability to endurance.


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