Treatment of thin men

Treatment of thin men

Thin men

Many men suffer from the problem of thin that cause them embarrassment and tension, making them seek to use several methods in order to increase their weight, and through the creation of a healthy balance between food intake, and the lifestyle changes, in order to increase appetite.

Reasons for thin men

  • Inheritance from a family member, where there are some families that are characterized thinness without a specific reason.
  • Make a great activity with not eating appropriate amounts of food to fill the calories burned when doing daily chores.
  • The incidence of some diseases resulting from an imbalance in the activity of glands, for example, which reduces the human appetite to eat.
  • Eating too much medication that reflected negatively on the body.
  • There are psychological reasons reduce appetite and lead to lower body weight, such as depression.
  • The sensitivity of some components of foods that are difficult to digest on the body, which leads to poor absorption.

Methods of treatment of thin men

  • A lot of eating foods that contain calories, so that this amount be more calories than your body needs daily, such as chocolate, with interest in addressing dietary supplements, because it helps to increase the body's weight, and contribute to give him a lot of calories.
  • The practice of bodybuilding in order to increase muscle strength, not the body weight in order to get rid of the thin by eating everyday foods, even the muscles benefit from them in the same building.
  • Eating too much protein element that the body needs to build its cells, where it can be obtained from meat, nuts Kallowes, for example.
  • Divided by eating six meals in order to increase the desire to eat the meal, with a lot of zinc intake, because it contributes to the preservation of appetite that increase body weight, such as poultry.
  • Eat foods that contain spices, because the smell encourages eating the meal, and stay away from foods that possess smells not so good because it will reduce the individual's appetite.
  • During the use of large dishes to eat, because the amount of food a few appear in these dishes, which encourages the entire quantity intake.
  • Eat quickly digested well, because the brain sends a signal sensation of fullness after 20 minutes from start eating.
  • Eating too much fresh juices such as orange juice and bananas, with attention to eating fruits after finishing eating in order to grant the body more daily needs.
  • Consult a doctor to find out why thin, because if it was not the reason associated with the food, the patient should be thin taking certain medications so that they can get rid of the diseases that caused him thin, ensuring his re-weight to normal.
  • Food intake has changed in order to avoid boredom, loss of appetite, with exposure to sunlight for a few periods because it improves health.
  • Stay away from the tensions of life because they increase underweight.


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