Towers on Christmas recipes

Towers on Christmas recipes


  • Towers 1
  • 2 recipes towers on Christmas 2.1 Aries 2.2 Taurus 2.3 Gemini 2.4 Cancer 2.5 Lion Tower 2.6 Virgo 2.7 Libra 2.8 Scorpio 2.9 Sagittarius 2.10 Capricorn 2.11 Aquarius 2.12 Pisces
  • 2.1 Aries
  • 2.2 Taurus
  • 2.3 Gemini
  • 2.4 Cancer
  • 2.5 Lion Tower
  • 2.6 Virgo
  • 2.7 Libra
  • 2.8 Scorpio
  • 2.9 Sagittarius
  • 2.10 Capricorn
  • 2.11 Aquarius
  • 2.12 Pisces


The number of towers twelve towers, each with its own distinctive characteristics differ from others, and are rated towers by date, Ventma born each tower for a certain period from the date of the month, people belong to different towers in the tower circle, divide the towers into four types: towers dirt, towers water, and fireworks towers, turrets and air. It features all of these types of four towers involved in the general qualities.

  • Towers dirt: includes Taurus and Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • Water towers: it includes Scorpio, Tower Cancer, Pisces.
  • Fireworks towers: it includes the lion tower, Aries and Sagittarius.
  • Wind towers: includes Gemini and Libra, and Aquarius.

Towers on Christmas recipes


The first tower in the zodiac, featuring him born in the twenty-second history of March to the twentieth of April, was born in this tower are adventurers in nature, and have the spirit of enthusiasm and self-confidence, and the owners of personal leadership, courage and full of activity, and they love to rely on themselves in all, are characterized by stubbornness unit foul, rely on more than the passion of mind, known lack of tolerance with others, they have excessive jealousy, love to talk and engage in small details and discussion, they have the same pride and pride is very strong.


The second tower in the zodiac, and join him born atheist and the twentieth of April to the atheist and the twentieth of May, and was born in the tower people persistent in, are patient and strength, they have a strong will, seek stability in their lives, and are looking for safety and calm, they have a personal firm and solid, are fuller friends at all, belong to the customs and traditions and refuse to change easily, and they have a strong passion underlying, very Anfaleon, nervous while spilling an instant burst of mind long they even surrender, which they own, they have a bit of selfishness and love of ownership.


The tower third in the zodiac, and join him born twenty-second of May to the atheist and the twentieth of June, was born in the tower are known Bmzajithm and Tqlbhm and directness large, tend to have fun too much activity, enjoy a great intelligence and speed intuitive impressive, and hate routine, so seek a lot of renovation, the feelings thin, and they have a high linguistic intelligence makes them Ihoron all minds with great skill, hiding in a small child inside them never grow up, like the reception of guests with great hospitality.


The fourth tower in the zodiac, featuring born twenty-second of June to the twenty-third of July, born this tower passionate people, their imagination and sense of gushy, predominated emotions on the mind at all, and they have a great keen on their hearts, they tend greatly to exaggerate the fantasies emotional, they have a very big ambition and penchant for ambiguity at all, and sometimes they become selfish with great love to own, they have a deep philosophy, and trying to agree between reality and imagination as much as possible, and turn fantasy into reality.


Fifth tower in the order Aloberg circle, featuring born twenty-fourth of July to the twenty-third date of August, regale with a capacity of large horizon, enthusiasm and creativity, are the owners of high-taste, tend love of fame and power, style luxury and great, they have the qualities of the leader successful, care much about their future and work so hard for him, they are very escolar and love to establish friendships and relationships with relatives and friends, Mhabon among the people what they enjoy great magnanimity and style luxury in dealing with others.


Tower sixth in the order of the zodiac, featuring born twenty-fourth of August to the twenty-third of September, and was born in the tower are humble, they tend to retreat and calm, very rational and have the intelligence and ability of the analysis, too are patient and adhere to the customs, traditions and preserve them, they have a passion for emotion, they are from towers more dignified and sober, very Dqicon in their appointments, and they love to suppress their feelings and not to show them publicly, as they do not Evsahon what is going on in their minds never easily.


Seventh Tower in the order Aloberg circle, featuring born twenty-fourth of September to the twenty-third of October, they are very diplomats, polite in their dealings with others, and social workers first class, and love of beauty, nature and colors, they have attractive special kind of excessive elegance, judge absolute things objectively, kind and Rqicon, love life and tend to be moderate in all things, natures very thin, sorrowful quickly and rejoice too quickly.


Eighth tower in Aloberg circle, featuring twenty-fourth born October to the twenty-second of November, they have a very strong design and great power, enjoy the toughness and entrepreneurial spirit, they have leadership qualities, emotions run high, they have Waqar and package them obtain respect for everyone, they are characterized by a strong intuition and the ability of the discovery, forecasting and analysis, tend to laugh and humor, entertainment, and those who sow joy around them, even in Vkahathm, are characterized by great depth and sharp intelligence.


The ninth tower in the zodiac, and includes a November born to the twenty-second of December, they are more people optimistic and love of life, love of freedom, and very rational, they have the lightness of a great light, and are characterized by foresight and sincerity in their dealings with others, and have the ability to talk tactfully and awareness great, because they deserve the focus of the trust and the responsibility for their enjoyment of good judgment, are looking for justice in everything and hate too injustice, they have excessive generosity, and loyalty has no limits.


X tower in the order of the zodiac, and includes twenty-third born of December to the twentieth of January, and was born in the tower is very pragmatic and ambitious and committed, have patience and caution, they are more people who are dealing precisely with things, but they love unsettled, do not like snooping on others, too, diplomats, and are keen to maintain their image in front of others balanced, full of love music and literature to the fullest extent.


Atheist ten tower in the zodiac, featuring born atheist twenty-January to the nineteenth of February, are very friendly and have a sense of great human significance, are looking for independence, innovation and originality, are sensitive and they love appearing with retaining cryptically personalities, very frank and tend to idealism, have the spirit fun and humor, sometimes seem to trust themselves a little bit shaky, their curiosity up to a large degree makes them interfering in others the ins and snooping on them and their affairs.


The twelfth tower in the zodiac, and includes twenty-born February to the atheist and the twentieth of March, are the owners of imagination great intuition, they tend to sympathize with others and understand their problems with all humanity and live in a world of dreams, a very strong instinct leads them more than the mind, passionate more than they are logical, love freedom and independence, are more people forgetful appointments and interests, making them of little attention to their personal interest and settle their affairs, but they are very sincere, and these beautiful qualities.


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