Top specifications hard disk

Top specifications hard disk


  • 1 search time
  • 2 rotational speed
  • 3 data transfer rate
  • 4 Error Correction Code
  • 5 cache size
  • 6 Best Hard Disk
  • 7 References

Time Search

Read a particular sector process that requires hard drive move the read head to the correct track, and then wait for the rotation sector under the head to read it, and called the necessary time to put the head on the track time search (English: Seek time), and whenever the search time down disk performance became better, and the measured time Search in milliseconds, and the average time of the search engines of modern disks between 5-10 milliseconds. [1]

Rotational Speed

Called the period of time it takes to sector rotation and appearing under the head period delay (in English: Latency period), and associated with the affected rotation speeds disk, the higher the rotational speed say the average delay period, ranging from the speed of rotation between 3600-15000 rpm, and take the same 3600 cycle disks 8.33 milliseconds to perform the service. [1]

Data transfer rate

Called the speed with which transmits the disk data when you find them at the rate of data transfer, which is a measure of the amount of data that the system can be accessed within a certain period of time, and vary depending on the data size on the disk and its location, and the speed of rotation of the disc, and is determined by: [1]

  • External data transfer rate: is the speed of communication between the system memory and memory storage cache inside the drive.
  • Internal data transfer rate: is the speed of writing or reading data from the disk surface, and then transferred to the cache cache.

Error Correction Code

Becomes the identification of difficult data due to the presence of magnetic fields on the disk, and can image data fade after a few years, so the console have additional data, known as Error Correction Code (English: Error correction code), enabling them to detect errors in the data, where stored these data duplicate information at the time of the original data is written on the disk, and then verifies the repeated information to ensure data integrity, and there are a number of modern disks that use more than 200 bits (bit) of the symbol for each sector. [1]

Cache size

Use the cache (in English: Buffer / Cache) for data retention or newly used expected use; In order to improve performance by reducing the amount of data that you need to transport to increase the speed of the disk, and the operating system can access the data in the cache on the disk as needed, measured cache size in megabytes. [1]

Best Hard Disk

Ranging from storage of steel between 500 GB and 1 TB, 6.4 area cm disk, and in the case of search for a portable device to save all documents, video clips, programs, and others prefer to have a capacity of 750 GB or larger, [2] It is the best solid with excellent specifications disks what comes: [3]

  • Seagate Barracuda: (English: Seagate BarraCuda), is characterized by low price, and speed in reading data, and the presence of a large storage space.
  • Toshiba X300 model: (English: Toshiba X300), features a large storage area, high-speed.
  • Velosi raptor: (English: VelociRaptor), is characterized by high speed rotation, and suitable for video games.
  • Blue Desktop: (English: Blue Desktop), is characterized by low price, and the presence of a large storage space.


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