Today's ruling

Today's ruling

Today's ruling

-Kellma increased the degree of man carrying the responsibility of his life in the past and present increased degree ruled in achieving the dreams of his future.

- Do not spit in the well you may drink it day

- at least it has not yet failed to say the most successful

- Do not Tosven on the treachery of time for as long as she danced the bodies of black dogs Magsdha Talo on their masters, but black and black dogs remain dogs

-Mn learn a lot about others may be smart, either understands himself is more smarter, and controls others may be powerful, either from the reins of the king himself is the strongest

-who lost God what did he find? It is found of God, what has?

Shall man who suffice Bloom and others criticize society and cursed conditions will not contribute to building a civilization and progress unless it begins to change himself and perform his duty.

-Qal Hippocrates to his student days: If you like that you do not miss satisfying your desires, Vachth what you can get.

Recommended some of the wise son, he said to him:

"My son, to speak what is more severe than Hosam and heavier than the rock And enforced needle prick and a matter of patience, Vsn tongue from chitchat Speech, and I know that hearts farms, where good conversations, it did not Grow the whole, grew some of it, and silence followed by safety, is better than Take away the dignity of the pronunciation, though less than his words, I said, and many sins Intonations, many mistake .oon the man is still solemn, as long as silent, if speaking, increased His prestige or rank fell "


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