Tingling hands during sleep

Tingling hands during sleep


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Known as numbness case in which a person loses the sense of the affected area, this feeling may be focused on one part of the body or on the body completely, leading to a feeling of acupuncture in the place where the person feels numb. [1]

Parties associated Numbness with many diseases ranging from neurological damage and cases related to the senses, and sometimes it may be numbness signal to the presence of a medical condition that you need to visit the emergency department, including stroke. [1]

Recall that sometimes you may wake up a person poet tingling in his hands, and disappears this feeling after a short period of time does not indicate any problem with neurological or circulation problem or in a sense, but this feeling may be a sign of a stroke or nerve entrapment ulnar ( English: ulnar nerve entrapment), for example; So you must request medical advice to make sure that the absence of these two cases that accompany numbness with certain other symptoms. [2]

Cases had to visit the emergency department

You must visit the emergency department that accompany numbness with any of the following symptoms: [1]

  • Numbness in the whole arm.
  • confusion.
  • Numbness after exposure to head injury.
  • The difficulty of pronunciation.
  • Chest pain and difficulty breathing.
  • Sudden headache.
  • Weakness or paralysis.

It is also on the patient to consult a doctor in several cases, including: [1]

  • If numbness is gradually increasing or without reason.
  • If numbness increases with repetitive movements.

Causes numbness of hands during sleep

Include the reasons leading to numbness hands during sleep the following: [2]

  • Sleeping on hand for a long time; It is possible that a person gets numb in the hand if he sleeps, his body will weigh putting pressure on the nerves and cause a malfunction in the circulatory system; Sleeping on hand may pressure the arteries and prevents blood and nutrients from the flow to the tissues of the arm, and as a result, the arm does not send signals to the brain or understand what it to reach them, what makes your hands "Ngtan sleep" to come back to them normal blood circulation.
  • A lack of vitamin B, which result may happen to an unhealthy diet, and states that the results of this deficiency is usually overlooked, but they lead to multiple symptoms, including: [2] constant feeling of fatigue. Pale skin. Drowsiness. Numbness in the hands and legs, especially at night.
  • The constant feeling of fatigue.
  • Pale skin.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Numbness in the hands and legs, especially at night.
  • Excessive work, so those who work, for example, sewing, printing or tools users that put a burden on the wrist, which negatively affects the nerves of the hand; So movements bending and integrity repeatedly weigh the wrist and caused him pain when relaxing at night, and states that the tendons and nerves fired power pressure when relaxing.
  • The pool of fluid; The weight caused by excessive diet is unhealthy and lack of exercise may cause swelling in the hands and feet, and a feeling of severe tingling in the night; Where the resulting interruption of blood circulation, and the result is the pressure leads to numbness.
  • Ulnar nerve entrapment, being incompatible with the function of the nerve and makes hand become numb; Sleep Facility folded compresses the ulnar nerve, and thus when they wake up the person feels a tingling in the hands, and states that it is not always possible to ascertain the reason behind this situation, but its main cause is swelling of the facility, which may result from many causes, including: a break in arm, or arthritis.
  • brain attack; Statistics indicate that one of every 7 strokes occur when the patient was asleep, and you know stroke as a blockage in the blood flow to the brain, and this blockage may be caused by bleeding in the cerebral arteries or blockage of any artery supplying the brain with blood, and include stroke symptoms cerebral numbness and tingling. Recall that must resort to medical assistance immediately accompany these presentations with other symptoms indicate the possibility that the person has a stroke.
  • English carpal tunnel (syndrome: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), which leads to a pressure on the median nerve, and states that this nerve gives sensation to the fingers and stretch the forearm and hand muscles to nerves to enable them to catch things between the fingers, thumb and index finger; As any tingling or numbness in this nerve leads to pain in the fingers, hand and forearm, numb fingers and be the first night these symptoms of the situation, and Alkhaddran extends to the forearm and even to the shoulder of the affected side.

Treatment of numbness

Addresses numbness on the cause of the disease or leading to it; There was an underlying disease, the treatment will eliminate numbness. [3] But there are some other tips that are used in it, including: [2]

  • Take a spoonful of flax seed before sleeping.
  • Drinking ginger to improve blood circulation.
  • Put your hands and legs in a basin of water and ice.
  • Avoid acidic drinks and salts.
  • Always body hydration by drinking water by at least two liters per day.
  • Commitment food diet rich in vitamin B, which is found in several foods.
  • Exercise that strengthens the arms, shoulders and neck.
  • Raise the hand above the heart level.
  • Avoid sleeping by clicking on the arm.
  • Avoid sleeping put the hand under the head or pillow.

Video Numbness parties during sleep

To learn more information about Numbness parties during sleep, watched the video.


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