Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer


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  • 2 function throat
  • 3 What is cancer?
  • 4 who fall ill throat cancer
  • 5 Symptoms
  • 6 Diagnosis
  • 7 questions from the patient
  • 8 treatment
  • 9 treatment methods
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What are the throat?

Throat is a member to speak in the human body and is located at the front of the neck and a length of about 5 cm and a width of about 5 cm.

Located between the throat of the upper airways and trachea from the bottom and is in front of the beginning of the gullets.

Composed of cartilage and muscles called Adam's apple and the muscles inside covered with a mucous membrane of the muscle Hablan their color white is the vocal cords.

The larynx is divided into three sections:

1. The vocal cords area

2. above the vocal cords connected to the area Balblaom

3. Under the vocal cords connected to the area windpipe

The function of the larynx

Play an important role in speech, breathing, coughing and swallowing a guard where the Secretary prevent the entry of food and water to the trachea by closing the door of the larynx during swallowing and open during breathing and speech.

What is cancer?

Cancer is to build new cells in a particular area of ​​the human body without the goal of doing this reproduction does not stop up to the stage begins to hurt healthy tissue, usually these cells die, but in the early cancer cells do not die and begin to take the place of healthy tissue and destroy it begins cancer.

  • Benign tumors: rarely affect human life, causing death, which is usually still easily due to the nature of the previous user very little impact.
  • Usually serious malignant tumors: are affecting human life and possible removed and treated if detected in the early stages and the proportion of cured up to 95% either if left discovered in the final stages shall be a few healing rate of the patient may need to remove the throat and sometimes part of the neck muscles.

Who fall ill throat cancer

No one knows what is the cause of the occurrence of cancer. Doctors are not able to explain the injury of one people with cancer and not another injury, a non-contagious disease.

But there are factors that help found the study and statistics, these factors increase the incidence of cancer, namely:

1-Age: usually more than 55 years

2. Gender: four times more males than women.

3-smoking: its incidence in smokers much more than it occurs in non-smokers as well as the most in smokers who consume alcoholic beverages, as well as lung, pharynx, tongue, pancreas and urinary bladder cancer.

4-alcohol: the greater the amount of the drink has increased the proportion of cancer.

5-cancer incidence in the vicinity

6. Work: sulfuric acid Awalnichael and asbestos


It depends on the size and location of the tumor. This includes:

1. hoarseness or change in voice

2. tumor in the neck

3. The sense of the existence of something strange in the throat or the top do not swallow

4. Do not cough or hide treated with medication

5. a sense of suffocation, especially at night

6. smell foul mouth

7. pain authorization

8. Sudden weight loss without diet work is not justified because of another

These symptoms are not only for throat cancer but several other serious diseases, the doctor can only distinguish it.


Diagnosis has become much easier with the progress of diagnostic tools. With the presence of endoscopy of the larynx and upper respiratory tract doctor can give the diagnosis of a very precise condition of the patient without entering the patient's hospital but the patient may need a hospital if he saw the doctor should be to make a biopsy under general anesthetic to determine the quality of the tumor is located.

  • Class CT images may need a doctor to indicate the extent of a tumor and its size
  • Blood tests to indicate the patient's general health
  • After entering the hospital two days as a result of the sample and appear determined if sound, God willing, or the patient needs to move the next stage, a treatment stage

Questions from the patient

  • The sample type and where
  • how much does it cost
  • How long process
  • How long does the result
  • If cancer is what appeared treatment methods
  • Are there treatment options
  • Are there other tests must be conducted

These questions are a sample of the questions posed to the doctor usually when there is a cancer patient's throat


Patients themselves should have the right to decide the treatment they are part of it and must therefore that the patient knows the same yes the patient and not parents (unless there is a mental reason) all therapeutic details and risks, duration and pains, problems and consequences and on the patient to do the following:

1. Prepare a list of questions for the doctor written

2. Write questions replies

3-recording of the meeting so that the doctor allowed

4. The presence of one or more family members, especially from the medical field, if any

5. The final decision to give a much better after taking another medical opinion

Treatment methods

Nuclear radiation therapy alone

Radiation therapy with surgery

Radiotherapy with chemotherapy treatment


Throat cancer is one of the best cancer rate of healing as it may sometimes be 95% if you see the patient at the beginning and it has quickly and continued measures are patient care and perseverance it may be less than that depending on the situation, size, type, location and extent of spread

I hope that patients are keen to themselves and not to neglect the people and the symptoms of the disease from us to review trust their doctors to diagnose a statement AVI to their symptoms

Dr. Hisham Ahmed al-Qaisi

Video symptoms of throat cancer

For each disease symptoms indicate it, what the symptoms of throat cancer ?:


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