Thighs and buttocks exercises

Thighs and buttocks exercises


  • 1 Atralat thighs and buttocks
  • 2 exercises the thighs and buttocks 2.1 squat 2.2 sit on the chair 2.3 Exercise ballet movements 2.4 Exercise Frog 2.5 Exercise starting
  • 2.1 squat
  • 2.2 sit on the chair
  • 2.3 Exercise ballet movements
  • 2.4 Exercise Frog
  • 2.5 Exercise starting

Lift the thighs and buttocks

The exercise of the most important basics that must be maintained by man throughout his life, especially those people who are accustomed to the lack of movement, which is important to burn fat that accumulates significantly in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, as are those areas are most likely to gain weight, and in this the article will offer some of the most important and the best exercises that effectively help tighten and slimming thighs and buttocks, and are the most vulnerable to the accumulation of fats and cellulite.

Thighs and buttocks exercises


And where the pause squat known is standing but Baltae on the wall so that the two men Moizitin the land, and then the right knee lifted up, then lowered down and then repeat the exercise left foot, and must repeat the exercise a dozen times in three rounds with getting short between round break and other.

Sitting on the chair

And where you should sit on the edge of the chair straight to the chair is fixed, then raise the head and put your hands on the sides, and a lion good feet on the ground are evenly matched, and then placed a pillow between your knees, and then pulls the knees to install the pillow, then stay on that position for ten seconds , and then relax a little and then resume the ball again, and you must repeat the exercise ten times a day or more to tighten the thighs and buttocks effectively.

Exercise ballet movements

And we must stand upright with a tummy tuck inside and left arms on both sides, then bend the right leg to the side even touches duck left the man, and then extend the right hand to the side, so as to be on the shoulder level, and extending the left hand to the top above the head, and then attempt mile upper part of the body with the D right leg back, until they become straight, repeat the exercise five times, and then return to the first position, and then repeating the same movements with the left foot and the same number.

Exercise Frog

And be by lying down on the back, extending your arms aside, then raise the two men included the feet, and then bend your knees out to take the status of the frog so Alamsan the soles of the feet, and then extend the two men aside to the hilt with the capture muscles of the two men until joining above the waist, and then you return to the situation first, you should repeat the exercise fifteen times a day.

Exercise starting

And be by building on your hands and knees on the floor, then bend forward pressure on the elbows, and then the right to extend the man back, and then re-bent forward, taking into account closer to the chest as much as possible, and then re-same movements with the left leg and repeat the exercise daily As much as possible.


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