The words of more than splendor

The words of more than splendor

There are so many wonderful and beautiful words, a key to the hearts of others, where Tafrham and make them happy, the following offer you the words of more than splendor, I hope to gain admiration.

The words of more than splendor

  • Many do not we have a personal relationship with them, but they get used to our souls .. Vthabhm, respect them.
  • Sometimes .. our intentions are purer than (dew drops) .. But .. by other assumptions contaminated.
  • Wounds, not only .. Gifts from people .. they have a very bad taste ..
  • When Tpkina (fewer words) it means that we either have to be: in the extreme cases of pain .. or at most times of need.
  • Probably the best people as if they were all good, and relied on yourself as if not the best in people.
  • Alone of life of one for the other is the value of life.
  • If someone made a mistake unworthy of your words .. Do not be sad .. but smiled because he has provided you the trouble of discovering his character.
  • From and ignored flaunts you do not react to him, and use the base written on mirrors the car: the things that you view smaller than they look in reality.
  • When the memory hurts, this does not mean that you are hurting ۅhsp it means you when I loved .. I loved honestly.
  • It estimated possible to take you to the top, but morality alone keeps you there.
  • More severe pain grief can not disclose the reasons and the only words I feel upset I do not know not, even though you know for sure what the reason .. but it can not be said not to cry.
  • Nothing in the world is always mistaken in even time (stalled) p be right twice a day.
  • What more may hurts .. are those things that you are aware of what they are, after .. it is too premature.
  • One idea discovered in one book can change the way you see the world.
  • Do not socialize with people who do not find yourself in them .. Taatsnna their personalities to be like them shall be non-existent presence, be you wherever you are.
  • Destiny makes you might not expect the people closest to you to shake his hand .. I respect everyone who does not know the future Ijmek
  • If a child struck a light blow you (reprimand him) wept for even stronger blow hit them and you (Tmazha) laughed for moral pain is more hurt than physical pain
  • The problem is not just the mind, but in a few uncertain mind the greatness of his mind.
  • If your appeal a Bkhanajr tongue, do not Ttanh the same stilettos .. as long as you can (kill) the sword of your smile.
  • Whiteness does not mean beauty .. and black does not mean folly .. Vulkipn and white scary .. black and beautiful and the Kaaba.
  • Quiet waves .. never make good sailors .. sky net .. never make good pilots .. life without difficulties .. Never make a strong person .. So: Be strong enough .. and accept the challenges of life ..
  • Strange world: love sadness that we .. go to the consolation without an invitation .. Do not go to joy .. invitation only
  • When the people closest to you change suddenly and without reason and away from you may be caused after not .. Merine The presence of a new person replacement to you or that you have kept up the interest and appreciation for that person.
  • Despite the disease and hostility were in the sky like an eagle tops do nothing to unfortunately nothing calls to cry Scurry spoke Do not be afraid to stay as long as you dream is your life and admitted that the will pride.
  • Do not cry on the Cup is not broken .. despair at the heart of stone .. not saving grace for those days Khan or treachery .. and not less than Habibi is gone .. but say .. Who was an angel in my eyes, he returned to the temperament of human beings.
  • Do not be surprised if you see me laugh days and days I cry .. Kalordh days Azin wedding day and Azin graves.

How is the meaning is impossible for us .. and (Lord) say to the thing .. (Be!).

  • You do not care about what is said about you, you know who you are .. and reduce your value, in the mystery of failure is to try to please everyone
  • Be confident of yourself .. .. does not mean that you are arrogant .. (crying) .. does not mean you are weak heart .. (always smiling) .. does not mean that you are not carrying burdens and sorrow .. (to err once) does not .. means that you are a bad man.
  • Not the big people see as great, but the great of filling the hearts of loved ones (literature and ethics).
  • We cry to forget .. and forget to live .. and we live to love .. and love to cry .. This is the life .. Vshaka both tortured and Khan .. and mocks the feelings of a man
  • Stupid to cry on man .. I choose to live without you.
  • There is always .. a little truth behind the word .. (I Bhzr) and a few of the emotions behind the word .. (not normal) .. and a little pain behind the word .. (no problem) and a few of the need behind the word .. (I do not want need ) and a little compulsion behind the word .. (Freely) and a lot of words behind .. (silence)
  • Very painful to wait dear to your heart talk with you, Faihadt everyone forgets.
  • There is nothing wrong if you lose a lot, if you will win myself.
  • When you cry, you do not need someone to help you because stop crying, but all what you need, someone bury your head between Ohoudanh to cry like children, people did not have a voice amid bouts of crying, only it has a warmer and compassion.
  • To be busy so that your day passes without your mind finds the field with something to think about this summit comfort and happiness.
  • Sincerity is not only love but column column everything .. I can not imagine love without sincerity.
  • That you miss the most difficult memories that you miss people.
  • Be sure .. that life with God the most beautiful life .. It was far away, it is in the misery "of introduce him is a life of hardship."
  • At night our chests choked, similar Mlamehna, we cry a lot and hide our tears for fear that one sees.
  • Each of us carries in his heart are what grief is and perhaps what wound .. but nevertheless worry or sadness or wound there is still plenty to embrace the concerns and sorrows and wounds of others, and embrace their hearts.
  • I can sum up everything I've learned about life in two words: it lasts.
  • No difference in our souls is a difference of happiness and misery, but the different positions, there are the same superior to unhappiness and go beyond and see the wisdom and the lesson, and the hearts of enlightened view of justice and beauty in everything and love the Creator in all his actions .. There are souls munching unhappiness and Tjatra and its transformation into a hatred of black and envy erosive, those are the dark souls of infidel Boukhalgaha rebel actions.
  • Do not complain too much Viotek carefree, but more than praise be to Allah brings happiness.
  • Life painting their colors .. .. shapes your words and your business .. Paint is you .. Vobda in drawing Ouhtk .. What is still the brush in your hand.
  • Very painful when Ismok in their imagination wrongly .. They do not know what's inside you.
  • The thing that I can not I nor you nor all mankind that is absorbed by "immortality", either in committee or fire .. so we got used to in this world that the end of everything! End of his grief, happiness her end, the road has an end, the end of life itself have .. But in the Hereafter: forever .. forever.
  • Sometimes bring us grief so get used to it .. and forget that many things in life can be us happy.
  • Realize then that life lessons are different from the lessons that we are used in schools and universities .. In life we ​​are fighting experience first, whether they were happy or painful sad, we live and are influenced by them, and then we learn and often changed, so do not be sad no matter what happened to you and Tabassum, experience has not Tmitk is already make you stronger and better.
  • Some of the facts we have to remember now and then .. so do not drag us our hearts to fall into the illusion again.
  • Your life with confidence nest, God knows what you do not learn, and you are planning the best image is to see you!
  • Messages are racking: I spent a long time to write them down and then sent for.
  • Ordinary people have a very rare souls .. find them look modest, but the content of the high-priced and sophisticated, quietly enjoy breath, because they have a treasure conviction.
  • Every person has a secret grief, which is not known to others. In most cases, we call a man cold, while it boils pain!
  • Crushed both tortured and Khan and mocks the feelings of a man .. And if he does not know this universe as it condemns condemned.
  • Sometimes you find yourself standing at the publication reflects latent feelings in you, it makes you re-read it more than once, despite the extreme grief caused by you.
  • Good companionship: are those that make you live two lives, one here and the other in paradise.
  • When we announce the withdrawal does not mean that we can not confrontation, but sometimes withdrawal means that no one deserves to continue for him.
  • Human disasters they might erase all the beautiful history in exchange for another position they did not like.


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