The wisdom of self-confidence

The wisdom of self-confidence

Man is a great deal of energy and the ability to achieve anything he wants, only if possessed motivation and strong determination, which are not affected by any external influences and internal surrounding it, and do not hesitate or be allowed to doubt that gave them what is believed and believes in and trusts, in this article we will mention a lesson and wisdom about the importance of self-confidence.

There was one of the executives, who was mired in debt to the point where he could not find a way out. Creditors are dissatisfied down on it all the time. Kantua are demanding Bdjunhm. On one occasion, he sat alone on a chair in one of the parks, putting his head in his hands, wondering whether there is any can do to Ahe save his company from bankruptcy.

Suddenly, and without precedents, appeared to him a big man in front of him at the age directly, saying: "I can see clearly that there is what occupies your mind and haunts your mind." Manager cut his story to the old man, the old man told him that he might be able to provide him with some help needed. He asked the man his name, took out of his pocket and handed him a check for him, asking him to accept, in return for the amount refunded to him this year from now in the same place. So the old man said, and then he disappeared from his place and immediately just as the back.

The man looked to the check, which holds in his hand and saw a sum worth five hundred thousand dollars, signed by one of the richest men in that city. The man realized just that financial Dhaigueth has dissolved pa ,. But, he decided to check others put money in his treasury. I think that that would give the same way necessary to think about solving the power of that problem and save his work and his company.

The man renewed optimism and hope in his heart again, try to find new bargains and extension of its creditors to pay the money convicted. It succeeded in completing several new deals. Which enabled him to pay off all its debts and settled and save his work and maintain and even develop the company and get higher profits again.

Completely after a full year, the man returned to the park, carrying with him the check expense of others. During the agreed date, Jaee the old man as well. Once the old broadcast approached and pulled out the man the check out of his pocket and they are telling him the story of his success and what he did Balchik, which gave him, until a nurse came galloping speeding toward the old man and get him with his hand to address the manager: "Thank God I was able to catch up with him and cought, I hope he did not bother at all , he always run away from the shelter for the elderly and knows about himself as "...." the man who is considered one of the richest men in the city. she said it took the old man from his hand and went back him from where they came. realized manager surprise that money the motivation that is not the course of his life, but a new self-confidence that brought about that change, and gave him the power to achieve anything sought to achieve.

Therefore, man must be a permanent trust himself aware of what the inside of the energy will help him achieve what he wants to secure its existence really, and not be influenced by those around him and believes in himself and himself.


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