The sun's rays on the skin damage

The sun's rays on the skin damage


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Sun rays

To sunlight some benefits when exposed to its rays in moderation, they are an essential source of vitamin D, but when exposed to sunlight excessively, especially during the afternoon period, they cause great damage to the skin and body, as a result of exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, which cause damage to the skin, burning and staining color change, and the emergence of many health diseases such as skin cancer, and we'll talk in this article about sun damage, and tips to avoid exposure to sunlight. [1]

The sun's rays on the skin damage

To maintain a healthy and free from skin burns and pigmentation and wrinkles should avoid exposure to harmful UV rays and time-consuming, and there are many sun damage to the skin, including: [2]

  • Burns skin: When long exposure to ultraviolet rays, they cause the occurrence of burns skin, irritation and redness, and causing Bhsasiha, which lead to the appearance of grain on the skin. [1]
  • Rash: Valotfh skin is grain small red size color appear on the chest areas, elbows, neck, showing the result of an imbalance in the ethnic channels responsible for sweating skin, it shows small grains because of the hot and humid climate, and can get rid of the rash by moving away from the environment warm and stay at least places heat and cold, to maintain the skin and prevent it from sweating. [2]
  • Skin cancer: It causes the sun the emergence of serious skin diseases such as basal cell carcinoma rays, or cancer, malignant, or squamous cell carcinoma, which appears as a result of exposure to long-term harmful UV rays, note that as people age the incidence rate increased skin cancer. [2 ]
  • Wrinkles: where wrinkles appear as a result of the emergence of signs of premature aging, or as a result of aging, and contribute to the sun's rays in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin as a result of UV that causes the destruction of collagen for the skin, and make them pale and devoid of vitality, showing many skin problems such as black heads and white heads. [2]

How to treat sunburn

There are a lot of tips that must be followed to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays that cause Bhrogaha, and through the development of solar condom, wear protective clothing, including: [3]

  • Cold water baths: it helps shower with cold water to get rid of pain and reduction, and after showering with cold water dries the skin with a towel soft, but with moisturizing the skin a little bit, put moisturizer and ease of his skin absorption, and make it wet skin free of drought.
  • Put refreshments containing ingredients aloe or soy: helps soy and aloe vera to soothe and cool the exposed skin to burn from harmful UV rays, and can be some of the creams that do not need a prescription application, and heal sunburn of the skin such as hydrocortisone cream, and avoid the application of creams "Alkayen" (such as Abannzokaen), to protect the skin from allergy and irritation.
  • Taking certain medications that relieve sunburn: When taking aspirin or ibuprofen, these drugs reduce irritation and skin allergy prone skin burns UV.
  • Drink an additional amount of water: they cause sunburn skin dry skin, and when you drink a large amount of water, it moisturizes the skin and prevent it from dehydration.
  • Protection of infected skin sunburn when exposed to the atmosphere outside: where you need infected skin burns UV during the period of treatment to the protection when exposed to the external atmosphere, so by covering the skin with a piece of woven cloth to prevent the arrival of the sun's rays to the skin.

Tips for prevention of sun damage

There are a lot of steps and tips that must be followed to protect the skin from UV damage that can cause a lot of problems on the skin, including: [4]

  • Maintaining decent use sunscreen on a daily basis: the need to protect the skin from the air outside sunlight, whether the atmosphere was sunny or cloudy; To protect the skin from burns and discoloration of the skin, choose a sunscreen that contains a proportion of the protection of not less than thirty degrees, and placed before exposure to the atmosphere outside the duration of not less than 15 minutes, and the renewal of the Holy condom every two hours or when swimming, or skin exposure to perspiration.
  • Wear protective clothing from the sun: there are some clothes that help protect skin skin from harmful UV rays, such as sunglasses equipped with the proportion of protection from the sun's rays, T-shirts and pants with long sleeves, wear hats edged wide, to maintain healthy skin and prevent it from damage caused by UV radiation. The baby's skin also need protection from the sun's rays by choosing solar protective protective clothing and appropriate for their age.
  • Stay away from exposure to UV radiation during the afternoon period: where the sun is very hot and harmful and cause many problems during the afternoon, from ten o'clock in the morning to two o'clock noon.
  • The work of regular check-ups for skin skin: it helps tests work continuously for the skin to detect the occurrence of any changes on the skin.
  • Use of contact lenses and cosmetic products containing the ratio of protection: The application make-up contact lenses that have a ratio of protection from UV damage to preserve the health and strength of the skin and prevent many skin diseases.
  • Avoid using a tanning bed: tanning bed where it causes a lot of skin problems harmful to the skin, so you should stay away from their use.


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