The study method of remote

The study method of remote


  • 1 distance learning
  • 2 Objectives of the study distance
  • 3 types of distance learning
  • 4 categories targeted by the study distance
  • 5 obstacles to distance learning

Distance learning

The study remotely or what is also called distance learning, is a learning system that separates between the teacher and the learner in time and space (geographically); Depending on where the study received the learner without having to go to various educational institutions and universities Kalmdras, with the survival of communication channels allow contact the teacher and the learner need.

Objectives of the study distance

This type of education seeks to create an education for people who prevented the different conditions of life; Kalzerov economic, social, political or wars, to complete their education means traditional, and contribute to raising the level of cultural, scientific and social among members of the community in various denominations, and provide a broad-based self-learning for students, acquire research skills and analysis in the different subjects of study.

Types of distance learning

Multiple types of study remotely by communication channels that connect the learner with the learning institution that has educated have a type:

  • Distance learning in a traditional way: here are relying on traditional channels of communication; Such as using the messaging by regular mail, or go student at certain times of the school year, the educational institution itself to provide exams or provide learning papers and others.
  • The study remotely using technology: Here allowed ICT ICT to open new horizons for distance learning; Where he contributed to the existence of the Internet in providing different ways of communication; Direct audio and video such as communication across different chat programs, and provide indirect contact through the use of e-mail E-Mail, Voice Mail or Voice-Mail, and thus achieve the maximum degree of efficiency, has launched this type of study e-learning.

The study groups targeted by remote

  • Students who have missed educational opportunities because of various economic or political conditions or geographical; Where they provided them with complete Talehm taking into account the circumstances that surround them.
  • Housewives; Where it is difficult for housewives always go out because of the household chores and children, and sometimes the opposition of some couples to exit the wife repeated, which enabled this group to increase its chance to complete her education at home.
  • Employees: The long working hours and lack of employee's ability to continuous exit from the cycle of one of the main reasons that hinder the education and development of employees, and seeks a lot of employees to develop their professional and their own abilities, hoping to obtain promotions and improve working and increase the per capita income for them, so this study has been one of the most important ways to help them.
  • People with special needs: Here are intended either too smart to develop from themselves and raise their mental abilities, or suffer from a disability in one parts of the body because of this type of education to raise critical for these individuals and help them not to waste the chance of education.

Obstacles to distance learning

  • The need for modern methods to keep communication between the student and the teacher, which may be expensive at times.
  • Non-recognition of the study remotely by the ministries of education and higher education in some countries, especially Arab countries.
  • Society's perception of the negative to this type of study.


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