The strongest animal on the face of the earth

The strongest animal on the face of the earth


  • 1 strongest animal
  • 2 strongest animals on the face of the earth 2.1 Blue Whale 2.2 African elephant 2.3 Gorilla 2.4 Tiger 2.5 Bull 2.6 Bear Ashab 2.7 anacondas
  • 2.1 Blue Whale
  • 2.2 African elephant
  • 2.3 Gorilla
  • 2.4 Tiger
  • 2.5 Bull
  • 2.6 Bear Ashab
  • 2.7 anacondas

Animal strongest

There are several measures must be considered to choose the animal most powerful, because of the different varieties of existing animals on the face of the globe, the mismatch fastest, including the larger ones, some of which is lethal to the extreme, and of them has the ability to be patient, and all these do not meet in a single object , so I will describe some of the strongest animals on the face of the earth, according to what has been a consensus on it.

The most powerful animals on the face of the earth

There are different types of powerful animals on the planet, we recall some of them with the reason for its strength:

the blue whale

Blue Whale is one of the strongest animals on the face of the earth because of its large size, large and also his abilities as he can pay to the air boat movement of the tail.

African elephant

It features the African elephant the magnitude of its size, and intelligence, and may reach the weight of the African elephant to thirteen thousand pounds, and a length of up to thirteen feet and tusks of ivory weighs only a hundred pounds, and can length of up to eight feet, and used for drilling and engagement, as well as to move things.

Trunk consists of a hundred thousand different muscle, which is considered as a party to the fifth to him, as it works like a microphone for voice, and help him to collect the food, and the hose elephant strong to the extent that it can him take off the whole tree from its roots, and can be a great loss to his opponents happen. Sense of smell the elephant with hundreds of times more powerful sense of smell of dogs, and this is another function of the hose elephant.


You can reach the length of the gorillas to six feet, and the length of his arms to eight and a half feet when extended, weighing about five hundred pounds, and can sometimes weighing up to six hundred pounds, equivalent to the gorilla force of six times the human power of, and can GORILLAS one that carries weight by a five hundred pounds with one hand, and the length of its teeth to two inches, the speed is estimated gorillas twenty to twenty-five miles per hour, which is a good rate for its large size.


The tiger's largest animal species Alqtttiyat, weighs can be up to six hundred and seventy pounds, and a height of four feet, and presented to thirteen feet, and can tiger to tear easily prey sharp teeth, Vonaabh Almekovh length of up to three and a half-inch, and can pass to swim in the water without fatigue for a long time, so that they can swim at the rate of eighteen miles per day, and speed up to forty miles per hour, and can carry him twice the weight.

the Bull

Can bull to pull the equivalent size and a half times, and when used in the eruption of the same size, and the amount of movement can they be downloaded are re-fold their size together, so accustomed to humans to use this object since the foot to help them to move things, and in agriculture.

Bear Ashab

Up Bear along Ashab to six and a half feet when standing, and weighs adult male than seven hundred and ninety pounds, and the length of talons ranges between Alanchen and four inches, and can have to tear what he wants them with ease, and enter the bear in hibernation from five months to seven months in year, and during this period it does not deal with anything.


Is considered a snake anacondas green African biggest snake on earth, weighing up five hundred and fifty pounds, and the length of twenty-nine feet, and could walk faster water than on land, located her nose higher slots her head, so they can catch their prey with ease and is hiding in the water.

The anaconda strong teeth to prevent the movement of prey when refraining by, a non-toxic and other Kalovai, but they kill their prey by wrapping around, and squeeze to suffocate, and every time you breathe the prey of anacondas can squeeze more.

There are also other animals enter in the list of the most powerful animals on the face of the earth, such as: the eagle, and the crocodile.


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