The strangest tree in the world

The strangest tree in the world


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  • 2 in the world the strangest two trees 2.1 blood brothers tree 2.2 Power Tree
  • 2.1 blood brothers tree
  • 2.2 Power Tree

Exotic trees

There are many exotic trees on the ground and that possess strange forms and features rare unique to them alone, but there are two trees are distinguished from all the trees and two tree (the blood of the two brothers), or (dragon's blood), and the tree of power, which we will talk with them in detail in this article.

The strangest two trees in the world

Blood brothers tree

The history of its presence on the surface of the Earth to more than fifty million years in the White Sea basin Mediterranean, but today are deployed in a few islands of the world, and the most important of Socotra Island of Yemen, which has become a nature reserve; As a result they contain many of the rare presence of organisms, whether animal or vegetable.

Return this label to an old legend has been passed down from generation to generation, which is the revelation of the first drop of blood, and the first bleeding in life, which was between the two brothers Cain and Abel, and the legend says that these two brothers are the first to the island of Socotra Yemeni housing, and when the first crime occurred killed in the world, and bled blood grew this tree, which was called (the blood of the two brothers).

This tree has received a great position in the ancient religions, he has taken the role of the sacred tree of the Pharaohs, and Ahumairien, and Assyrians, was inferred through ancient inscriptions.

Uses the blood of the two brothers tree:

The blood of the two brothers from the very useful trees tree, it is not the strangest tree in the world only, but also of great medicinal value, which is extracted material from the bark and Hrashiv fruit and dander, and classified this article as types Alratj carmine used in dyeing treatment, it is assembled after that freezes summer scrape through resin blocks by machine sharp cavities located therein, which were cut in the trunk of the tree, and the best grades material Alratj is a lobed size, located on the branches, and have a red color, which is free of smell and taste, it contains a substance known as Draco, amounting to approximately 55%, and was used in the foot to treat wounds, ulcers, and to strengthen the digestive system, was mentioned by the ancient Arab doctors, including Ibn Sina.

Article Draco intervention today in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of cracks stomach and stop the bleeding internal in the body, as interference in the manufacture of dental detergent, it is a disinfectant, and the holding of the gums, also enter into the varnish industry, ointments, printing ink, and dye marble, and are used on the island of Socotra to decorate the walls of houses, and pottery.

Power Tree

The power tree of new trees that are cultivated in Australia, which include seven types of fruits, and requires them to be from the same family, as if we get a citrus tree consists of lemon, orange, grapefruit, or tree almond consists of peach, nectarine , apricot, and her first appearance was in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety at the hands of both James and Kerry West Australians, through vaccination in agriculture.


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