The rule of work

The rule of work

Of the finest what was said about the work:

1. God says: "And say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers and Strdon to the world of the unseen and the certificate"

2. Shakespeare: "Work Eloquence."

3. Sigmund Freud: "Love and work of human Imad."

4. Mustafa Sadiq Rafii: "your true character."

5. Thomas Fuller: "Everything is difficult before it is easy"

6. Shakespeare: "We can do a lot right, but more love."

7. Bill Budge: "After two weeks of work on the project will know whether he will succeed or not."

8. Robert Frost: "I work faithfully throughout 8 hours and your business will become Msoala working for 12 hours."

9. Van Gogh: "If a person really wants to live, he should work and be bold."

10. Andre Mauroy: "Work is a combination of conflict and entertainment."

11. Saad Zaghloul: "The man in the sincerity and dedication to say at work."

12. Rasul Gamzatov: "No measure of the human being better than his work."

13. Albert Hubbard: "gives us the highest reward by God for the good of our work is that we are able to work better"

14. Aristotle: "enjoy the work makes it ideal."

15. Henry Thoreau: "Do not employ anyone working for money but works because he likes to work."

16. Seneca the younger: "barriers strengthens the mind and strengthens the body's work."

17. Malcolm Forbes: "retirement kills more than it kills hard work."

18. Aristotle: "All business paid absorb and cause the deterioration of the mind"

19. Plato: "a little science with work by many of the most useful science with little work done."

20. Jackson Brown: "very loving act and will add five days to every week in your life"

21. Picasso: "I always work as I can not do in order to learn how to do."

22. Joseph Campbell: "It works for money and earn a living makes himself a slave."

23. Voltaire: "work away from human three evils: boredom and vice and need."

24. Einstein: "Everything is great and inspiring man-made work freely."

25. Paulo Coelho: "If you start to promise what did you get after you will lose the desire to work for receiving."

26. Maxim Gorky: "When the work is fun life is exhilarating, but if it was a duty to be slavery."

27. Annie Frank: "Unemployment may seem attractive but work is what convinces you"

28. Marcus Aurelius: "Download everything you do in your life like another work you are doing."

29. Asma'i: "The first flag of silence, the second listening, the third conservation, and the fourth work, and the fifth of its publication.".

30. Donald Kendall: "The only place that comes with success before work is the dictionary." (Meaning in English).

31. George Bernadrd Shaw: "Whenever I worked more, I lived more."

32. Roger Fritz: "The difference between reality and dream is the word (work)."

33. Thomas Jefferson: "I am a firm believer in luck, I have noticed that had increased the more practical."

34. Maya Angelou: "Nothing works until you do."

35. Bill Gates: "If you can not do something perfectly please change at least seem to elaborate."

36. Thomas Edison: "I did not fail, but found 10,000 unsuccessful way."

37. Oscar Wilde: "The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine your life without it"

38. Plato: "Do not bother to work quickly, but quality, because people do not ask you in how much of it empty, but look at the quality of his mastery of the author."

39. Robert Frost: "The reason that worry kills more people than work is that kills people worry more than they work."

40. Oacentaan: "If there was a formula for success = A + B + T, the work is a play is up and t is silent."

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