The rule is very old

The rule is very old

Of the most beautiful judgment spoken out of date and is still spoken:

1. glory is in my belief, and Noah Multi Pak and not intone shad

2. Do not end for creating and come like a shame if you did a great

3. If you are afraid, and the consequence of the nights you feel no shame, then do whatever you want

4. Sword believe news of books alone in the limit between the grandfather and play

5. If you are in all things Matba friend did not receive the Tatbh

6. On the people as determined wills come and come on as much esteemed Makarem

7. Ostseln difficult or semen realized what Annagadt hopes only for Saber

8. Do not calculated benefit science alone unless crowned his Lord Bouklaq

9. If only young people back one day and told him what to do Almsheeb

10. Do not You Think Glory Tamra eat it will not reach the glory even lick the Sabra

11. If your brother is right with you and seek to harm himself to Infek

12. If opinion reached advice, ask for an opinion or advice firm shout

13. It has not crossed his days Tvdh was the first of blindness by Huda

14. but rather one interview after the newly Well so be those who see

15. and the scourge of the mind it is fancy Ola on the whim of his mind has survived

16. not Arthalk to earn riches in a book but thy travel is against

17. testified that the promise of God and the right to fire lodgement Alcafarina

18. God der envy what Oadelh began his neighbor, killing him

19. Do not even try it is Tmidhn and not Tzmh of non-workout

20. everything if the decrease is not pleasant to live Wigger man

21. As things are the countries watched from his secret time Azman Adsth


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