The right to study ways

The right to study ways


  • 1 Notes
  • 2 dimension dispersant
  • Question 3 If you do not understand
  • 4 Create a table for study
  • 5 study at the same time and place daily
  • 6 Bedroom
  • 7 References

Writing Notes

Write clear and complete observations in the classroom helps to install the information that is learned, as it will become a study diary can be reviewed prior to the test, and the student can talk to the teacher or colleagues to ensure the completeness of the notes and use them when studying. [1]

Dimension of dispersant

Distractions attention is spreading everywhere, from mobile phones to social media to friends, so the student must pay attention to the teacher and find out what distracted in class and avoid, such as sitting next to friends and mobile phone use and others. [1]

The question in the event of a lack of understanding

The student must inquire if not understand any of the matters raised by the teacher, where students can raise his hand and ask his question, can be written as a message reminder to talk to the teacher after class if he did not feel comfortable if asked in front of everyone. [1]

Create a table for study

Identify specific hours of study a day, taking into account the amount of time needed to study from one individual to another because of the different capacities difference, generally recommended an average of two hours of study each day for each hour in the classroom, noting that going to class is not only the beginning so that the study begins the real then. [ 2]

The study at the same time and place daily


It is the sleep of the most important things to focus on it allows to save the information well, but taking into account the choice of time and duration appropriate, so you should sleep for six to eight hours, with reference to the presence of two percent of people who are satisfied with five to six hours of sleep and two percent Others need more than nine hours of sleep to work effectively. [3]


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