The relationship between cancer and cell cycle life

The relationship between cancer and cell cycle life

Cancer cells are present in the human body but is not active, and these cells are activated when a malfunction in the normal cell or a mutation in a specific gene during the cell's life cycle.

Cell life cycle

Is the process through which development and division of cells, a series of signals carried out by the cell to grow and correct genetic errors, and each cell is under surveillance to maintain the integrity of the genes that carry around and in the event of a malfunction is killed damaged mechanism cells known as apoptosis, tracking thus the basics of control is Balitin:

  • A series of protein, which tracks cell growth from one stage to another: in each cycle of cycles of cell division once this process is copied chromosomes, known as "DNA synthesis", and separated to create two cells Mtabqtin genetically cell mother, the events diverges periods of time in order to there will be a period of re-organization and growth of the cells produced, and then enter the cell at the stage of stability and calm after division.
  • Other points are automatic inspection cell: This process does not contribute to the process of progress cell cycle life, but cause delay in order to avoid genetic mutation or errors.

The relationship between the cell's life cycle and cancer

The cell mechanisms controlled during the breeding and cancer is a disease caused by mutations of cell proliferation essentially, that the imbalance will allow the growing cells in a large and uncontrolled, associated with increasing down signals, making a normal cell interference in the cycle of cell death, and based on this relationship produces cancer, which can be produced by a mutation in individual genes that are redundant, or by mutation to a specific type of cells and convert them, it is possible that this leads to the occurrence of malignant tumors or weakened immune system in the body, causing the spread of these cells malicious


Cancer occurs when cells lose control and maintain genetic divisions during reproduction, a multi-step process starting from the normal cells in the body pass through the stages makes changes to turn into abnormal cells multiply and expand uncontrolled, and created a mutation in the cell can cause cancer cells to multiply and after a period of active the death of normal cells to coincide with their breeding, leading to the spread of tumors, arise and several types of cancer by specific mutations.


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