The reasons for the weakness of the speed of the net

The reasons for the weakness of the speed of the net


  • 1 distance from the router
  • 2 router Old
  • 3 time of day
  • 4 viruses or malware
  • 5 problems in the browser
  • 6 overlap between devices
  • 7 References

Distance from the router

The presence of the router leads in a place far from home, and put one router a hidden device in a corner of the house may lead to weakness in the speed of the Internet, so placing it is recommended in a high place on the ground, and be in the middle of the house, and can the person also using expanders network, or upgrade to a computer network tangled. [1]

Old router

Can routers to wear out over time, Veugd a high probability that the old routers can not benefit from new standards such as 802.11ac (system), which can handle Internet higher speeds, so it is advisable to check the router specification, taking his promotion into consideration in if it was out of date, can refer to the buying guide router to get some information that may help. [1]

Time of Day

Time affects the day on the Internet speed of the college, in addition to the connection speed every person Internet, when the number of participants callers larger Internet, can compress servers, Internet connections often, causing delays in the response time, and if the participants in one cable Internet broadband connected to the Internet at the same time, it will lead to a decrease in the speed of the Internet, and there are many other times where contact more than any other Internet, Kaatalat the end of the week, days of school holidays, and institutions. [2]

Viruses or malware

Can result in the presence of viruses, malware in the device to double the speed of the Internet, because they lead to damaging the files of operating system device core, using the various system resources such as memory, which will use various Internet functions, causing the chef. [2]

Problems in your browser

Internet browser user affects the speed of the Internet in case there was a bug in it, and to make sure that there is no problem in your browser, you can use an alternative browser on the device, such as Google Chrome (Google Chrom), or Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla Firefox), and in case the speed of the Internet Dafeeh in all browsers, the problem may be in the device itself, or in the network. [2]

Interference between devices

Can cause interference between the signals with the Internet and other electronic devices signals to weaknesses in the speed of the Internet, and examples of these appliances microwave ovens, or lights, or lights, or any other devices. [3]


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