The reasons for the spread of obesity

The reasons for the spread of obesity


Obesity health problems that carry many, especially since it was transformed from mere individual cases to the phenomenon experienced by entire communities, which serious consequences of increasing the size of health problems and psychological associated with this dangerous phenomenon, obesity is not just an increase in body weight or the accumulation of transient layers of fat, but it is a group of harmful symptoms that cause the body from chronic diseases; Such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, diseases of cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diseases of rheumatism, bone, spine, shortness of breath, in addition to the psychological impact caused by obesity to its owner, especially if excessive prevent him from movement and carry natural its activities normally, and prevent him from wear clothes that loves.

The reasons for the spread of obesity

There are many reasons for the spread of the phenomenon of obesity, especially at the present time, it is considered obese one features the modern era and associated with the proliferation of media technology talk, development, and increase capital in the world, and every person increases the body mass index has more than 30 kg per square meter is considered obese The most important reasons for the spread of this phenomenon as follows:

  • A diet pattern is characterized by bad eating foods containing high-calorie, high-fat meals; Such as: ready meals, and preserved foods, and sweets, pastries, rich and fat foods as well as salty foods that cause fluid retention in the body, and thus weight gain and obesity.
  • The presence of genetic reasons associated with family history of individuals, where there are many families with the ability of its members store fat in their bodies more than others, as the burning ratio have slow.
  • Lifestyle characterized by laziness, inactivity and lack of exercise aerobic exercise, as a lack of physical activity not associated with the consumption of calories in the body, causing obesity.
  • The presence of an organic defect in the body; Such as: disorders of the endocrine secretions.
  • Taking certain drugs and medicines; Such as: contraceptive medicines for women, drugs and treatment of mental illness, and cortisone.
  • Slow metabolic processes in the body due to various reasons.

Obesity Treatment

Address obesity disposal causes; such as replacing unhealthy foods with vegetables, fresh fruits, and foods rich in natural fiber, in addition to regular exercise, and treatment of organic causes that have led to increased body weight, under the supervision of a physician, as can many surgical procedure , medical interventions to get rid of obesity; Such as: the work of gastric balloon, and cutting processes linked to the stomach, and taking certain medications that increase fat burning in the body, can also eat certain kinds of food; Such as: pineapple, green tea, and cinnamon; Because it increases the burning of the body.


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