The reason for not going down weight

The reason for not going down weight


  • 1 Weight Loss
  • 2 reason for not going down weight
  • 3 Tips stimulate the descent of weight 3.1 Sports Program Review 3.2 diet control your
  • 3.1 Sports Program Review
  • 3.2 diet control your

Weight Loss

There are a lot of established diets for weight loss smoothly, so it is important for everyone who wants to lose excess weight to turn to a specialist in nutrition being him all the necessary tests, and provide him with food and sports system suitable to him in terms of the amount of fat in the body and the amount of weight you want to shedding, and must ensuring a good understanding of the concept of diet for weight loss, it is not deprived of eating foods, sweets and many varieties of food, but is the ideal choice for food, where the person can obtain sufficient quantities of his body from all the food in the food pyramid of proteins and carbohydrates and others, with focus on the amount of minerals and vitamins that give the body health and strength, and should be noted that the weight loss process is not Balsraah must therefore prudence and perseverance to lose weight.

The reason for not going down weight

Weight stability of the cases exposed body, and which refrains from weight loss, despite the continuation of a special loss diet weight, and this situation and ways ideal for scientific reasons to overcome them and get rid of them, another explanation scientific case is to follow a diet low calories as the body seeks to make up the shortfall in calories by burning the fat stored in the body to use it as an energy source, but after about two weeks of the diet. the body resort to protect energy stocks has to cope with the small amount of calories and thus prove the weight in this case, it is also important to know that the body in the first two weeks of a diet to lose in the fluid, and then begin to lose the amount of fat with a reminder that fat loss is much more difficult than the loss of fluid, it is good to pick you nutrition variable diet program specialist to continue fat loss easier, in case the diet fixed the body will get used to this type of food and prevents lost energy stored in it in the form of fat.

Tips stimulate the descent of weight

A review of the sports program

  • Increase the duration of exercise so that the body increases the burning, increases muscle mass building and thus the descent of the weight more.
  • Lifting force exercise which will increase the burn rate of the year in the body and has the largest amount of fat, it is important to raise the strength exercises without stress the muscles in the body or damage.

Diet control your

  • Avoid the idea of ​​staying without food for long periods, because the body will work to save fat amounts in it in order to stay alive, but when you follow a diet low in calories will be programmed the same body on a few of the food quantities, and will make a decision to reduce the existing energy use in it, which would make him keeps the fat and stop weight loss, it is important to diversify eating to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body and to prevent exposure to the imbalance in the proportions of hormones in the body.
  • Of the most important factors to stimulate the descent of the weight and having the desire to lose weight determination and perseverance on it and not ignore the diet, and then the body will come back to lose weight again.


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