The most beautiful words

The most beautiful words


  • 1 is the most beautiful friend
  • 2 is the most beautiful success
  • 3 is the most beautiful patience
  • 4 is the most beautiful silence

The most beautiful is a friend

  • Friendship is not staying with a friend and a longer time, friendship is that the rest of the Covenant, even if long distances or shortened.
  • Friendship Palace Meftaha hope to meet the nutrition and fruit happiness.
  • Tell me cohabiting you less than you.
  • Comrade before the road.
  • Friendship word holds several meanings, the most beautiful sacrifice for the other, freedom from inwardness, and integration with the other.
  • Good accounts make good friends.
  • No secret friend, and Amdha in front of others.
  • Friendship Kalmazlh the more the rain increased the need.
  • The company of the good guys inherited good, and the company of the wicked inherited remorse.
  • If you have friends, if you are rich.
  • Sometimes, going through friendship and love great dangers, on the verge of death has been bailed requires surgery.
  • There are those who have presence in your life milestone, and there will be an empty sign, Vantaki true friend, and beware of fake friendship.
  • When it HURTS to look back, and afraid of what will happen in the future, look beside you and your BEST FRIEND will be there to support you.
  • A friend is you can call in the fourth morning and be interested.
  • It was said that friendship is one mind in two bodies.
  • Allowathagon of friendship do not confuse moments of strife, but when they smile are separated; Because they know that they will soon return.
  • Friendship masterpiece worth getting older as time.
  • If my friends decided to jump over the bridge, I will not jump with them, but I'll Wait for them under the bridge to Otlqahm.
  • One flower can be my garden, one friend can be global.
  • Friendship such as health does not know their value only if lost.

It is the most beautiful success

  • No one of us can bring success to work alone.
  • Success is a journey does not require the search for new land but requires attention to the success and the desire to achieve and to look at things with new eyes.
  • It is the most eloquent preachers of success.
  • Ignore people who are chanting impossible.
  • The art to be once brave and once cautious is the art of success.
  • Success is the focus of all the forces of your being on the burning desire to achieve.
  • If we know how we fail to understand how to succeed.
  • If you do not fail, it will not work hard.
  • When you reach the depth of the meaning of the word success find it simply means to insist.
  • Perseverance and success twins, the first issue of the quality of the second and a matter of time.
  • Success can be achieved easily just needs to be a real resolve and determination not defeat him one, and make sure that those weapons will help you to reach the success of an impressive day.
  • Successful who can see beyond that others see.
  • If you do not try to do something beyond what has been bringing to perfection, Voak never progressing.
  • The first thing essential to achieve success is a continuous and systematic violence work.
  • Mostly he did not talk about the success of only Aano until they reached him where he needs success to the grandfather and diligence and patience in helping to achieve the goal and to achieve, and helps to get rid of obstacles.
  • Success is going from failure to failure, without losing hope.
  • Do not achieve business Balomnaat, but the will make miracles.
  • The secret to success is that going forward.
  • Whenever there is a success as a result of good planning and continued perseverance, it compounded the opportunity favorable, people considered it fortunate.
  • What did not start it today will not be completed tomorrow.
  • If you want to succeed in your life, so make perseverance your best friend, and experience wise counselor, and the greatest caution brother, and please genius Guardian.
  • The biggest obstacle frequency in the way of success.
  • Unlimited ambition is the fuel that helps human access to the path of success.
  • Man can climb the highest summits, but he can not stay there long.

The most beautiful words about patience

  • Be patient attained.
  • Sabri myself and the patience of people.
  • What pitiable of no patience for them.
  • Tomorrow serious, soon.
  • I wait for victory.
  • In caution safety in haste repentance.
  • Carefulness aware of the opportunities.
  • Who did not stand for the word heard words.
  • They are all to Faraj.
  • Medicine forever patience.
  • Sahara has taught us to be patient so long grow good, and we must persevere and continue the march of construction until we achieve the good of our nation.
  • Endurance is the first thing the child has learned, this is nothing more you will need to know.
  • Patience Sberan patience on what you hate, and patience on what you love.
  • Illusion half of the disease, half of the drug and confidence, and patience the first steps of healing.
  • Patience tree roots once and fruit delicacies.
  • Patience helps us to underestimate what Nhdrh time and energy and money.
  • Patience is the key to relief.
  • He walks slowly and first.
  • The consequence of patience beautiful beautiful.
  • Patience the best cure for sadness.
  • Success comes from the fruit of long patience.
  • Qandil lost patience with no oil.
  • The strongest fighters are time and patience.
  • It should ensure that every individual is offset by the teacher's patience.
  • The sweetness of the nail erase the bitterness of patience.

The most beautiful is silent

  • Rational mind of his tongue.
  • Hist received.
  • Silence School thought.
  • Wise man who knows when to speak and when to remain silent.
  • Your chest wider password.
  • If you speak the word shall own, and if Amsktha Mketha.
  • Silence AIX nobility and the fruit of the mind.
  • Silence Axhex dignity is better than the words Icksok shame.
  • Ahmed from the rhetoric of silence should not speak while.
  • Lord of the words of his answer silence.
  • Do not leave your tongue never mind.
  • Test your words before you speak.
  • If the art of silence is bringing to perfection, it becomes creative in your words.
  • Silence may be mostly beautiful.
  • Silence richer than speak, we speak when flooding us silence.
  • Sometimes we must remain silent to hear us others.


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