The most beautiful romantic messages

The most beautiful romantic messages

I miss the days gone and will not return you longed for those days ..

Which was Thoina love .. Thoina truth is not like the days where the uncle lying.


Beloved survivor who Tudeh and Nglah

As long as alive and as long as your eye eagerness

If repelling him intercede with you what a sweet Dah

And the right circumstances you appreciate you

In short

Someone Atani affection what Kneipp forgetting

It urticaria Woody I Daem Doom .. abnormal!


Do not touch the wound and the wound causes vinegar

God protect you is enough for me Vinnie

So darling love what time confronted

Another human being perceived Ajavina

It's enough for me to leave me Shi Ohkabh

Notebook and pen poetry puts in prison Bedena


I tried to say in my heart Bnsak

And I live my life in a new world

Impact Algla what he likes is Dnyak

Heart and others what dwelt in rosette

I miss your eyes and your voice and Njuak

I miss your circumstances if you are stubborn

How your love drank what I appreciate Ozmak

How is your love known Anaj return it


The lived my head and serves me Snini

Roy thirst and my heart near you .. Ahnih

And if planting mines between you and me

Ali vowed to walk the trail and you Otaiwih ..

And Achille above my soul rest my right

And I sell my life for Hovtk and Eshrah ..


Femininity; To see the actions of his child's body Spoiled girl babe


I love you up to the limits of the sky ..

I love you even winter warmth.

I love you so narrow space.

I love you till the darkness of the light.

I love you even the existence of the yard


I am not the queen on the throne and a star in the sky lit a

But I myself Queen

And myself is not a


I will seize the height difference, to hold you over to my heart ..

In a lot of secrets you did not tell them as a kind of modesty {}


Anne eyes are located on the one you love for two minutes

Better than the conversation behind the screens for a full year


Love is: an army of emotions human being driven to control entity someone else share in his mind and heart armed with aspirations and hopes may prevail and evaluate cities of happiness in that home and may lose due loaded with pain and bloated wounds that will not wears away ...... is a torrent of sensations Tmatarh blinders loving in the land of beloved ... may reap the response and perhaps Shuka ..


Spirit and soul and beyond Bdnyak Yamtab my heart Besdk to become like Kiek Vrkak and sea duration is plugger Path who Dgk Bkak death and Tkoy fire Hakdk .............

Do you know what is the real torment! Torment you love a man known Glatk? Torment you love man ignores your limits! Torment you freshen up every heart your heart watch those! Torment live Avalmk without love! Torment your heart dies and no one knows his death !!!


Some TGI positions and go ... and some of the remaining positions resonate with age ... the rest of the Ayasahabay Amaa tire and Athqy ... changed the time and moral is immoral ... The Jet "welcome" and Mama Jitni "remain ... you are more human Azith from deep down" .


My friend made my Lord protect you and I add my heart Arhmh my life have mercy drowned in love Araik after you torment Look Zulk Gnati between the Arabs and the concerns of heart Tatrik thought of forgetting to settle Swati related my heart and I love Iglik Perhaps Glakm causes death


The most beautiful time in the light of your love case sweeter poem said you and Han eye loves every man and his walk trail Tati people you love and valleys Huay me in life Artjith and known in closeness Gla Kelmhansan


We regret it!

Successfully sent, thank you!

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