The most beautiful judgment and lessons in life

The most beautiful judgment and lessons in life


  • 1 Life
  • 2 rule across the life
  • 3 valuable tips in life
  • 4 letters and excerpts from life
  • 5 Thoughts of the value of life
  • 6 Arab rule in the old life
  • 7 words and the rule of famous life
  • 8 likes variety in life
  • 9 phrases about happiness in life


Life is a road that must take a mechanism to build a life, including happiness and of sorrow and pain, and this requires an optimistic outlook to life and look forward rather than looking back, which opens up ways of success and progress in.

Rule across the life

We learned a lot of life, where we are exposed to many situations; Either difficult or beautiful, to get out of them stronger than before, and the judgment as follows:

  • The lower school, director of time and her teacher fate, and her students we human beings, we meet strangers and friends live, but it's the date of separation, do not say goodbye but say goodbye.
  • Life is not long to try everything short and to remember everything, but it is beautiful if we know that it is not worth anything.
  • The lesson is not in the years that I have been through, but in the pulse of life in those years, Fh your life and took advantage of your time.
  • Life is like the moon is full, and sometimes you find Munira and sometimes empty and dark.
  • Not for the life of value only if we find that something we fight for.
  • Life dream, death awakens us from him.
  • Who's Afraid of death abbreviated life.
  • Life experiences benefit wise.
  • What a fast train traversed the dream of life, and what they kissed it.

Valuable tips in life

Tips that should be taken and work to live Bergd and happiness of the following:

  • You will live once on this earth; If a mistake has apologized, and if I looked through, and do not be complicated, and most importantly, do not hate nor envy nor bear any grudge.
  • Do not give you Stbtzm life someday.
  • When something comes out of your life, do not be sad, but look to the sky and say, O Lord, compensated me better than it.
  • You will live life only once, if I have been through it properly once is enough.
  • Do not wait for something eagerly, Valokdar wrote that everything comes to you at the time.
  • When exposed to shocks at the beginning of your life make sure that your mind will become much bigger than your age.
  • Life battle; Where some leads and some where led, it could not be a master of yourself human beings Then keep away, and do not be a slave to others.
  • Life as the road winding, everything you do will return to you someday, so I do all that is beautiful is the payoff to you.
  • In any step of your life try to make the mind and heart together because in the mind and in the heart will of conscience.

Letters and excerpts from life

Every day we learn from this new life, they give us almost daily messages to move forward with vigor and success and optimism, and messages that can benefit from the following:

The first message:

Pass us life ..

The paint Belhzadtha lines of our thoughts, our opinions and our measurements of things ...

We received this is different experiences from one person to another ..

Volatility scales when we sing .. modified

And moderate ... when does not work from behind something ..

The second message:

To ask someone money ..

First, make sure it has what you want ..

Having ascertain that .. proceed with the request ...

Are you raised your hands to pray to God day ..

And you are certain that it alone has you spend your need ??

Certainty only full confidence in the ability of God to achieve what matched you want ..

Not Batqadat that what you might get or do not get

.. So those with confidence ... not sure.

The third message:

Never anticipate events ...

Be patient on rude to say ...

Perhaps carry his words of righteousness creates you the most beautiful man ...

Beware of diving in the letters lover

His passion was not only words ...

Fourth message:

Son opinions about people from the reality you see them ...

Not as seen by others ..

I like it sees from the others is admirable ..

The decision you have to choose what you eat ...

Humanitarian relations more worthy of that resolution

Thoughts of the value of life

Leave thoughts resonate within us and take advantage of them, including from sermons and tips and through nice and helpful for all ages, suitable for all ages, and mimic the positions we live in our current reality, and those thoughts as follows:

  • When I was a kid every time I buy a box colors Warmia white pen aside, and when my mom ask me why? I say no color, and now that I grew up I realized well white why not colored; Because he is honest and pure do not fake the facts and gives it a color only real color, though I knew it would never have neglected it.
  • Quiet sound stronger than yelling, literature defeats chutzpah, humility destroys the vanity, respect precedes love, honesty crushed lying, and repentance burn the devil.
  • Man does not choose color or origin or place of birth and sex, yet some insist on treated according to these things, Flanrtqy in our thinking and we all treat us the son of Adam, and Adam from the dust.
  • No .. I do not love to read to write, do not love reading to increased age in the account appreciated, but I love reading; Because I have one life in this world, and one life is not enough for, and move everything in my conscience concerns the movement, and without reading others that give me more than one life over one human life; Because it increases this life in terms of depth, though not Ttilha account amounts.

Arab rule in the old life

The referee since the foot appeared and passed down the generations until it reached the present day, to be mentioned in many of the situations that confront us in life, and that judgment as follows:

  • Sword believe news of books, alone in the boundary between the grandfather and play.
  • how fair envy is, it starts with its owner and kills him.
  • Do not even try it Tmidhn bless the man, nor is Tzmh workout.
  • The first advice packages.
  • Rational thought is better than a certain ignorant.
  • Many evil few.
  • Perhaps the silence was an answer.
  • Leave the answer answer.
  • Lord of the sole evil Alhvae.
  • All addressed to him by Tamra.
  • Enough is enough uncertainty out of ignorance.
  • Make your secret one, and your counsel in a thousand.
  • Everything except canned kill him Alotabaa.
  • Everything needs to mind, and the mind needs to consultation.
  • Minds and talents of science gains.

Sayings and the rule of famous life

Varied judgment and words on the lips of many people who quote them a camel benefit in life, and those words as follows:

  • Says Winston Churchill:
  • Jerome says:
  • Byron says:
  • Thomas Edison says:
  • Robert Schuler says:
  • Khalil Gibran says:
  • John Narimor says:
  • William Shakespeare says:
  • George Bernard Shaw says:
  • Ibrahim al-Feki says:

Like variety in life

The human must follow a method to deal with the easy life, and to take hope from a starting point towards a bright future, and proverbs that may benefit human to be a way of life to him as follows:

  • If speech is silver, the silence is gold.
  • Not less without thinking, and do not work without measure.
  • Victory does not prevail, and not die, but it is Mkmod.
  • You name from the name you.
  • In Union force, and in the dispersion of weakness and dishonor.
  • Good brevity makes sense.
  • From the grandfather he found, and planting harvested, and walked on the trail arrived, and asked Ela sleepless nights.
  • To ignite a candle is better than to curse the darkness.
  • Wind blowing anger Vttefi SE minds.
  • The real hero does not give up his friends at the time of distress.
  • Tongue horse: The Snth Sank, and Khanth betrayed.
  • If patience taste the bitter sweetness of its consequences.
  • The food is tastier after a hunger and thirst after water fresher, languorous sleep after fatigue, and after the success of the most beautiful sacrifice.
  • As long as there is life there is hope.
  • Woman's mind in its beauty, the beauty of the man in his mind.

Expressions of happiness in life

Happiness is something that everyone is seeking to get it, because it is the secret of life, which expresses a sense of satisfaction, comfort, safety and confidence in this life, and words spoken in happiness following:

  • Happiness is the basic meaning and purpose of life, and the cause of human happiness to go around for this universe.
  • The truth may be that there is a dark side are few in every one of us, the fact that a person happy does not mean that his life is perfect, because happiness may be the result of a small group of things.
  • Happiness is to be fairly busy do not notice that you are unhappy.
  • As for happiness, no one writes about it, we live in the greed and share with anyone.
  • There is no happiness in this world, but there is peace of mind and will.
  • The secret of happiness is to see the masterpieces of the world but without ever oil spills Qtrta from the spoon.
  • Happiness is moving toward you at the moment you start pumping the happiness of others towards.
  • Happiness is not exciting Kalpas, happiness is not a huge thing.
  • People who are not looking for happiness, they often find them, because the best way to forget about happiness, is in search when others.
  • People happy, make those around them feel happy and delighted.
  • Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with these problems.


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