The most beautiful donkey

The most beautiful donkey

The most beautiful donkey

Strange incident of its kind, carnival donkeys, which concluded its activities in Morocco, taking First place in the speed race ass (Jewel), followed by the donkey (Ferrari) in the center Second, and took the third rank ass (Kharroubi).

The most beautiful feature of this competition the first participation of the female donkey named (immortality), applauded her

A lot of attendance and participation were welcomed Balzgarrid and joy, but the jury was marked by With the participation of women in were European jury, the jury was another opinion has been denied (Immortality) award because of the failure of any contestant in the cleaned and decorated, as well as pregnancy affected by grace.

Under the most beautiful box donkey ass won (Mrbouh) the most beautiful donkey prize, and came in ranked Second ass (SRK), then took third place (Cristiano Ronaldo), while Fell (Messi) in this session but won in the previous session in the second place.

Said festival director (Mohammad Blmo) for (Net) that the Knights considered naming their asses The names of film stars and athletes is to emphasize the value and the door of Jomtien Not in order to reduce these names. He also pointed out that many of the economic elites Politicians and actors refuse to support this festival Tboukasa them for his idea.

He also stressed that Blmo Bani Ammar Association sponsors this festival will continue to stick to its insistence It will be organized under the slogan (We love you donkey) an expression of them to challenge the constraints against To this festival, he stressed that the next session will include within its readings Short stories variety of world-class writers and insisted that the Arabs stand next to this beautiful object, The removal of the stereotyped image taken from the ass ....

The donkeys, like all other animals have different types and varieties, and taken donkeys Depending on their categories is likely to name their habitat, and some of these types of donkeys:

Ahli ass: It is one of the Nubian breed brutal ass that resides in the prairie In general, there is also the best donkeys in Yemen and al-Ahsa.

American ass dripper

Cypriot ass

Ass Ethiopian or Somali: native to the coastal areas start from Somalia to the Gulf Aden, and have a gray color with red beautiful.

Donkey Alminotor live in the Mediterranean region.

Donkey mammoths.

Donkey Albwato: who appeared in France for one goal which is the production of mules, and form a broad With coarse animal hair.

Donkey Albwato Red wild: a first Alslavh of donkeys pets, the degree Similarity between the sexes largely identical.

Zebra Asian: The place to spread in the north of the Arabian Peninsula, and became Alhawwanat completely extinct in the fifties of the last century, as the writer said, (Kingdor) in his (Mammal Arabian Peninsula).

With frequent breeding of donkeys, of which very few remained on the present nature, but many Which became extinct animals, it is our humanitarian duty to preserve the wealth Animal that will benefit human directly, in particular, keep Altozn In general environmental, and examples of donkeys donkey Yukon, the European ass Wild, zebra hostility, he runs with ease over the rocks and sand in Horse speed, and zebra is an animal living in herds of up sometimes To a thousand head.

The Wild Red Unlike wild horses, Valohsnh do not live in groups with each other, such as Donkeys, the wild horses very AUTONOMY males defend most of their domains Severe Baraklathm to strangers from her class.


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