The latest program to speed up the Internet

The latest program to speed up the Internet


  • 1 latest Internet accelerator programs
  • 2 properties to improve the speed of Internet programs 2.1 Internet Cyclone Program 2.2 Speed ​​Program AB Fuster 2.3 Speed ​​Connect Program 2.4 Throttle Program
  • 2.1 Internet Cyclone Program
  • 2.2 Speed ​​Program AB Fuster
  • 2.3 Speed ​​Connect Program
  • 2.4 Throttle Program
  • 3 other ways to speed up the Internet
  • 4 References

The latest Internet accelerator programs

There are many programs devoted to improving the speed of the Internet, include the following: [1]

  • Internet Cyclone.
  • Internet Accelerator.
  • Speed up PC 3X Faster.
  • Speed Connect.
  • Throttle.

The characteristics of programs to improve the speed of the Internet

Internet Cyclone Program

This program runs on several versions of the Windows operating system (in English: Windows), this program is based on accelerated Internet to modify records settings for Windows (in English: windows registry) in order to raise the speed of the Internet and this software is compatible with all modems and communication channels high Internet speed , such as: LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1. [2]

Program Speed ​​AB Faster

Raises this program of computer performance, it speeds up the process of running programs, and enhance the available memory by improving how to handle the machine with its internal memory, and this software provider properties delete data surplus (in English: cleanup), which means that it speeds up the Internet by deleting systems that contribute in the inhibition of the speed of the Internet, such as browsing files, and cookies (in English: cookies), and temporary memory (cache). [3]

Speed ​​Connect Program

This program increases and by improving the network settings of the speed of the Internet and most of the channels of communication, including the old Internet and modern high-speed (High-speed internet connections), and is also compatible with most versions of Windows. The program offers high-speed Internet enables browsing and downloading data and media faster. This program features fast Internet facilitates larger play activities on the Internet, and make voice and video calls. [4]

Throttle Program

This program is being permanent modifications to the records and Windows systems, as well as on the modem (Modem), which determines how much data exchanged between the computer and the server (in English: Server) be reduced so the proportion of the delay in the exchange of data between them. The program increases, and through these steps, the efficiency of the computer and modem to improve the speed of downloading files, browse the web, play games on the Internet without any slowdown or delay. [5] This software is compatible with a range of Internet carriers, including: [5]

  • Direct cables. (Cable). [5]
  • Digital subscriber line. (DSL). [5]
  • U-Fresh [5].
  • Fios.[٥]
  • dial-up.[٥]
  • Satellite broadcast. (Satalite). [5]
  • Internet mobile phones. (2 G / 3G / 4G)

Other ways to speed up the Internet

There are other ways in which speed up the Internet: [6]

  • Reset the Internet router (in English: Router Reset) every month or a day when needed. [6]
  • Change the location of the presence of an admin (Router) to somewhere in the middle of the house to cover all parts of the house. [6]
  • Direct link via the Internet Cable It connects the signal directly to the computer instead of moving in the air and then to the device. [6]
  • Install connection Usher commercials (Ad block plugin) because the ads pictured especially contribute to reducing the speed of the Internet. [6]
  • Install connection Transition Memory Scanner (Clear cache plugin). [6]
  • Change the Internet service provider, if necessary, to another provider gives a higher speed. [6]


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