The latest program to play video

The latest program to play video


  • 1 Video Players
  • 2 latest video drivers 2.1 QQ Player 2.2 ALL Player 2.3 KM Player software 2.4 Media Player Classic program
  • 2.1 QQ Player
  • 2.2 ALL Player
  • 2.3 KM Player software
  • 2.4 Media Player Classic program

Video Players

The use of computers in a lot of important useful things, and most of these uses watch video files, and various movies to gain some benefit from video content, and watch videos you must download the players video, with running these programs video files, audio files, movies, featuring all program of the characteristics of its own, and Snarafkm in this article, the latest video drivers.

The latest video drivers

QQ Player software

Chinese Media Player, one of the most powerful drivers for audio files, video on computer and laptop, it includes a lot of features, and the most important of the program's ability (Que Que Player) to support the extensions of video, miscellaneous audio files, Fbalamkan run all types of audio files, video without causing any problems, in addition to high quality video playback, and work lists to play video, audio files, and play files sequentially, and can control the quality of the video display, and output audio, video, and cutting sections of it, and the integration of other sections of the video show in the program, You can run video formats his shoulder, and audio without the need for external Reproduced packages.

ALL Player Program

Is a free program that is characterized by its ability to play audio clips, video and various extensions, and its ability to control the video display, can the program video playback of high-quality HD, or three-dimensional, and the most important characteristic of this program is that it is easy to use and free, and displays the translations on video, and looking them also creates lists to run, and can switch between display formats to a second video formats, in addition to support various video formats, and playback formats mKV, Divx, CD and play videos without any problems.

KM Player software

Running this program diverse multimedia files on your computer, Fbalamkan run any encoding files, and support a lot of video formats, and audio files, as well as processed codec within the program, and video playback quickly on your computer, as this program supports high-quality video clips, triple and movies dimensional, you can also capture images from videos (saccharin shot), a free program that there is a mobile operating system Android.

Media Player Classic program

Characterized this program that built with the codec programs, in addition to support for the program of Windows Vista, and its ability to add translation to video, and video files that run on the iPhone, mobile phones, a light on the computer, Fbalamkan add lists for video playback, and audio files sequentially, and also control over the video before the program, and the screen zoom in and out.


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