The latest browser

The latest browser


  • 1 Mozilla Firefox
  • 2 Microsoft's Edge
  • Google Chrome 3
  • 4 References

Mozilla Firefox

Became Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla Firefox browser), one of the best browsers and fastest after the updates that has it recently, it has been released Firefox version Quantum (Firefox Quantum) which was a better version of this browser, and features many different features, such as using it for a little access memory RAM device (RAM) even with a lot of tabs open, as one of the most browsers that keeps user data privacy, and returns this to the lack of interest in Firefox Foundation manufacturer browser sell or use user data for any profit targets, they are non-profit organization originally it is worth mentioning that recently there has become a new browser Firefox supports browsing feature online in the virtual world. [1]

Microsoft's Edge

The Microsoft browser Edge default web browser that is included within the Windows issuing X (Windows 10 operating system), it is part of the operating system, and can be updated easily through the site of Microsoft, it contains this browser on a number of great features for users, such as the possibility of amendment on the web pages, through writing it, then share these modifications with any of the other users, and is characterized by easy entry adjust the sound and image to some of the different devices that are connected to the same wireless network that is linked to the user, and is characterized by its consumption little energy, and it should be noted the possibility of using property display reading (reading View) through i; To facilitate the printing process or review of any page without showing any ads or distractions are present on the Web page. [2]

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a software browsing the World Wide Web, was launched in 2008 to comply with many different operating systems, as a system Android, Windows system, the system of Linux, and even system (iOS), and is the first browser was through the search box and the box merge address bar one, then later followed all other browsers follow the Google Chrome in this matter, and can this browser user wonderful synchronization data to be used across more than one device, and can use what is known as a shop Google Chrome (English: Chrome Web Store), which provides a number of applications Web-based, and can be operated and used within Google Chrome browser. [3]


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