The largest stadium in Spain

The largest stadium in Spain


  • 1 Camp Nou
  • 2 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
  • 3 Wanda Stadium Metropolitano
  • 4 References

Camp Nou

The Camp Nou (Balkataloneh: Camp Nou) the largest stadium in Spain in terms of breadth of the masses; Which can accommodate up to 99.354 spectators, and so it is not only the largest stadium in Spain, but is the largest in the whole continent of Europe, as it is one of the four courts supported under a five-star rating in Spain. It should be noted that the construction of this stadium took three years in the period between (1954 -1957 AD), was opened in 1957, as was expanded for the first time in 1982. [1]

Camp Nou is located in the city of Barcelona, ​​which is the official stadium of FC Barcelona Spanish football, knowing that sporting events held in it is not limited to football games only, for example, it held some rugby matches, so when Spain hosted the World Cup Rugby in 2015, it may also be held in which some non-sporting activities, such as concerts, and others. [1]

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The opening of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Spanish: Santiago Bernabéu) in 1947 in the heart of the Spanish capital Madrid, which is the official stadium's club Real Madrid football, has been named by that name; Relative to the boss of the legendary sparkling (Santiago Bernabeu), while the capacity of the stadium, they reach very 81.044 spectators; [2] and this is the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium the second largest stadium in Spain. [1]

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

Can accommodate Wanda Metropolitano Stadium (Spanish: Wanda Metropolitano) for up to 68,000 spectators, which is located in the northeastern region of the Spanish capital Madrid, the new official stadium is a special club Atletico Madrid, the Spanish football since the month of September / September 2017, when it hosted Atletico Club Madrid Club home to Malacca in the Spanish league events for football in the opening match of this stadium. It is worth mentioning that Wanda Stadium Metropolitano will be the final match of the Champions League in 2019 AD. [3]


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