The largest country in cocoa production

The largest country in cocoa production


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Is a small-sized tree, reaches a height of between four to eight meters, the leaves are very broad, and its seeds are similar to almond seeds, a renewed evergreen, used the seeds of this tree in many industry types of chocolate, as they fall in most of the confectionery industry spread all over the world , while the original is her home of South America.

Studies showed that this tree was growing in the tropics in South America about four thousand years BC before, but now became many countries planted this tree, with an area of ​​land cultivated cocoa in which 70,000 square kilometers, according to 2005 statistics m, but vary the proportion of its cultivation and production from one country to another, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

The largest country in cocoa production

Is the State of the Ivory Coast of the largest cocoa-producing countries around the world, as the volume of production for the year 2005, approximately 1,024,339 tons, and confirms the head of this state that his country is the largest producer of cocoa in the world, and is also expected that the size of this production increases to nearly half of global production he also said that his country produces cocoa by 40% of the total global production, and is expected to increase this production until it reaches 50%.

Cocoa prices declined in the US market, to the extent reached its lowest level in one year, Vancharh in Ivory Coast, fearing investors in the form of weakening economy at the global level.

Stages of the cocoa processing

Cocoa is exposed to many stages during manufacture, and begin to extract fruit from the tree, where there is all the fruit of nearly fifty small-scale seed, and after these seeds taken are roasted to a temperature high, and then leave for several days until ferments well, and becomes golden brown, after exposure to the sun to dry, and then sent to factories, there are crushed to become Kalboudrh, and squeeze to get the cocoa butter, is also the preparation of various types including, cocoa powder and Kalshokulath that we know.

Some of the benefits of cocoa

Cocoa contains many benefits, it cures fever and cough, a diuretic, as it strengthens the heart muscle and kidney, in addition to the substance theobromine in it, which soothes the smooth muscle in the digestive tube, and this is the reason why many people consume cocoa products after eat eat creamy, and cocoa improves mood dramatically among people who are suffering from some mental disorders.


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