The large number of drinking water for children

The large number of drinking water for children

The child of many health and psychological problems affecting it, one of the most these exposed common problems are the large number of drinking water, due this for many reasons, including eating foods contain a large amount of salts, or frequent play specifically in the hot and the next air frequent sweating and loss of a large amount of fluid or diseases different, such as: failure, renal insufficiency, or acid tubal disease and kidney, but more causes that lead to excessive drinking water is diabetes, what is diabetes children and what are the symptoms of infection and the causes that lead to infection and thus frequent eating water?


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Diabetes Children

Known as Altvh disease diuresis is similar to the normal symptoms of diabetes, which affects other people, but it does not cause high blood sugar itself, there are two types of diabetes are:

  • Type I: which is where the secretion of the hormone diuretic is not enough.
  • The other type: which is the result of a malfunction in the nerve receptors due to the intake of certain drugs.

The causes of diabetes children

The reasons leading to it differ as follows:

  • As a result of a particular blow against the child, particularly if they are on his head.
  • Injury to one brain tumors.
  • Injury to the central nervous system of certain diseases such as meningitis.
  • The reason is unknown and may be the result of a particular disorder.

The symptoms of diabetes children

Appear on a child with diabetes, a group of symptoms and signs that indicate the presence and the most important:

  • Frequent urination, so Taattraouh the amount of water or fluids lost between five to ten liters during the same day.
  • Frequent thirst or what is known Balshav.
  • If it is caused by a brain tumor, it is possible to be one of the symptoms of visual abnormalities and signs of neurological focus.
  • Urine density is remarkably low.
  • Increase Osmolih serum and the appearance of Altktvat blood.

How to treat diabetes children

The beginning of the work of tests to find out why that led to the infection and then take appropriate action, every medical condition even if the same disease treatment differs due to different reasons, the most important tests that are made:

  • urine test.
  • Check to see the amount of serum sodium.
  • Examination of blood glucose and serum creatinine blood.

Shahu be a rise in serum creatinine be the cause is kidney failure, but if blood sugar the same high Vtkon diabetes, the child be given food minus the sodium or diuretics thiazide in addition to aspirin because it is used as a diuretic, based on the pathological condition, so it is advisable to follow up with the doctor continuous and regular.

Video Why drink water frequently?

Drinking water inevitably useful, but when you need to drink large amounts of it, what might be the reason? :


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