The importance of the practice of hobbies

The importance of the practice of hobbies


  • 1 make a special person
  • 2 renewed energy person
  • 3 helps to organize time
  • 4 offers fun
  • 5 helps to feel good
  • 6 References

Make a special person

Help hobby to make a unique person among others, and strengthen personal identity, which increases the attention of others do, and increases their willingness to talk with him, so that this hobby opens them the Pope and topics for the debate, which is especially necessary in this our time with frequent distractions and the difficulty of coping social with others, this distinction does not apply only to social life, but is useful in practical life, even while applying for a job. [1]

Renewed energy person

It did not create the human body in order to be able to do you great jobs and duties daily, because its energy will be implemented, and will lose its focus, and it needs to rest to recharge his energy, which is obtained in the exercise of his hobbies, as can the person from taking the necessary comfort, and shipping capacity to be able to complete the rest of the duties of his day higher concentration. [1]

Help organize time

When the time of the person organized, and when planning a particular activity at each time of the day, seeks to carry out its functions and duties and be completed in due time specified, and helps the practice of hobbies for this kind of people, especially when planning to do late in the day to encourage him to complete his duties rather than postponed so he can practice his hobby. [2]

Offers fun

Usually people resort to the means of pleasure is not active, such as watching TV, or browse the web, but the active fun that requires thinking certain skills, such as exercise, or doing artwork, or other hobbies are what ecstasy offers pleasure, as immersed thought out, man roams without consciousness, and time passes quickly. [2]

It helps to feel good

Studies have shown that the practice of creative hobby, such as writing lyrics, or creative writing, or hobby stitches wool or other person gives a feeling of well lasts until the next day and increase his creativity. [3]


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