The importance of livestock

The importance of livestock

When God created the exalted creatures all on the planet to make each of them the importance and benefits can not be dispensed with, and make them perform certain functions, so the activity of human overload in charge, such as urban sprawl, logging, poaching and other cause of animal migration and not be found shelter in which they live, which It led to their extinction.

Caused the extinction of some species of animals to an imbalance in the ecosystem, livestock is one of the most important wealth on the surface of the Earth, and because of their importance has spread lately a lot of associations calling for the preservation of livestock, what is the importance of the livestock that made the Islamic religion attaches care and attention. He said peace be upon him: ((kill sparrows in vain cry to God on the Day of Resurrection, says: O Lord, if so and so killed me in vain, and did not kill me the benefit of)).

The importance of livestock

  • The provision of food for humans: human depends on the basic diet of livestock meat, eggs, dairy and other products; The human body just needs the nutrients found in animal products such as proteins.
  • Increase national income: different animal husbandry working to increase national income, through the sale or sell their products, and that when these items are available from the livestock within the country provides a lot of expenses and expenses in excess of the state.
  • Some species of animals may be used in promoting tourism, especially those endangered and rare, it attracts tourists from around the world, from amateur to search for exotic animals.
  • Increase agricultural wealth; Animal Wealth and agricultural wealth affect each other, and develop only one second evolution.
  • Revitalization of industry; There are many industries where livestock products enter, and represent the raw materials for some of the famous industries.
  • The use of some species of animals to move from one place to another, especially in rough places and roads that cars can not pass through it.

Maintaining livestock ways

After talking about the benefits of livestock must protect and preserve them and develop them, and ways to maintain livestock:

  • Give vaccines and vaccines that help them resist disease, thereby reducing the proportion they died.
  • Use hybridization method for mating with each other to improve their characteristics and get rid of some mutations that may affect them.
  • Protect them from overfishing practiced by many as a hobby for fun only, or to get some rare parts of their bodies such as foxes in fur or fangs when elephants and others.
  • Stop urban sprawl and logging, which may cause the loss of many of the animals to places of livelihood.


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