The importance of education

The importance of education


  • 1 building moral and national character of the child
  • 2 development of independence and self-reliance
  • 3 gain positive parental behaviors
  • 4 References

Moral and national character of a child building

Should parents attention for the children from the earliest age on the rights and duties relating to citizenship, as well as to teach them problem-solving and critical thinking, and contributes to all this in the construction of a moral character, and increases the child's respect for himself and his confidence in itself, and give him a sense of responsibility about its affairs, all depends primarily the first on the strength of the relationship between him and his parents, which helps to build a positive image of people in front of him and his parents. [1]

The development of independence and self-reliance

The independence of the children, one of the main objectives sought by the father and mother to become more self-reliant children, and also help to develop their own skills and training to carry out its affairs autonomously, and usually increases the acquisition of this independence with the age of adolescence and access to the age of majority, and this responsibility of parents since the infancy stage. [2]

The acquisition of the positive behaviors of parents

Parents must interest Bslokhma in front of the child; Because children are like a sponge absorbing all the habits of their parents and apply them automatically in their lives, so you must be aware of the behaviors negative that do not help in the development of the child's behavior and pay to act in a bad way, and behaviors that can affect their parents on their children include: [3]

  • Attention to social skills; For example, be careful to use words like "please" and "thank you" in front of him.
  • Away from dealing with the negative pressure, relieve adverse reactions in front of the child; Kabakh that can scare children and teach them to interact in the same way with negative pressures and problems.
  • Maintain discipline, and do not use aggressive punishment to modify the child's behavior method.
  • Conflict solution maturely in front of the children; Because doing the opposite generates less self-esteem has, and generates violence inside toward others.
  • Dimension of child abuse.


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