The ideas of youth activities

The ideas of youth activities


  • 1 cultural activities
  • 2 outdoor activities
  • 3 sports activities
  • 4 recreational activities and games
  • 5 References

Cultural activities

Youth activities designed to nurture cultural educated generation on the current knowledge of what is going, has a great deal of awareness, and some of the cultural activities that can be performed by young people include: [1]

  • Participation in drawing groups to promote creativity. [2]
  • Participate in cooking programs to learn recipes for healthy meals and low budget. [3]
  • The establishment of workshops for discussion, where considered as a means to freely express several important topics and issues. [4]

Outdoor activities

There is an infinite number of foreign youth activities, including: [5]

  • Summer camps involving sports activities, arts and crafts.
  • Field camping trips.
  • Exploration trips.
  • Fishing trips. [6]

sport activities

Sports activities help to renew physical activity for young people, enhance flexibility, increase muscle strength, as well as multiple health benefits her from maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels, lowering blood cholesterol levels, and help get rid of excess fat, it is also working to reduce stress levels and prevention depression, and some types: [7]

  • Walking, the most common physical activity.
  • Swimming and diving.
  • Cycling.
  • tennis.
  • Golf.
  • football.
  • Gymnastics.
  • horse riding.
  • Athletics.
  • Skiing.

Recreational activities and games

The following are a number of recreational activities that young people can do to break the boredom and inertia, including: [8]

  • Game of truth and lie: through which people attempt to discover if the facts or telling them lies.
  • Game Bingo: is a collective game based on a set of cards and their own lists.
  • Game power stories: so that people share their stories and share their experiences and judgment.
  • Game expectations: so that reminds everyone what you expect from others, giving them an idea of ​​what they should do.
  • Game imagination: where this game is based on the occurrence of imagining things in a different way, which inspires others to consider other way around things.


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