The highest specification for main memory and hard disk

The highest specification for main memory and hard disk


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Hard drive specification

The hard drive, or hard disk, or hard drive (in English: (Hard Disk Drive (HDD) secondary storage to store data permanently device when you turn off the computer, it contains discs, magnetic spin at high speeds, and to get the best performance of your computer must the user of the search for the best specifications of the hard drive, [1] one of these specifications as follows: [2]

  • Storage capacity: It has a maximum storage capacity of the hard drive 16 terabytes.
  • Transfer speed: It is the number of cycles per minute (RPM) and the greater became faster data transfer to and from the engine.
  • Temporary storage space: uses a hard disk special area of ​​built-in memory called cache (Cache), and when transferring data from one part to another within it, and the greater the size of the cache increased in the corresponding data transfer speed, ranging cache sizes between 8 MB to 256 MB.
  • Arrival Time: The time that it takes the hard drive to read or write data on the drive.
  • Damage rate: hard drives offered in terms of damage vary; Some of them fail within 12 months, some of the other has an average life longer than six years, it is because of mechanical being, it has eroded or damaged over time.

Best types of hard disks

Of the best types of hard drives with excellent specs as follows: [3]

  • Seagate Barracuda: (Seagate's BarraCuda), is characterized by low price, and the speed of transport, and the presence of a large storage space.
  • Toshiba Model X 300: (Toshiba X300), features a large storage.
  • Velosi raptor: (VelociRaptor), is characterized by high rotation speeds, so it is suitable for video games.
  • Blue Desktop: (Blue Desktop), is characterized by low price, and the presence of a large storage space.

Main Memory Specification

For the best specifications for memory main attention should be paid to the quality and requirements of programs intended user run on the device, preferably get access memory random greater than the minimum required, in addition to the type system running the computer, where the exploits of some operating systems more than others, with memory taking into account the fact that the CPU may require faster bandwidth display with a greater range of memory, and can determine the speed of memory in two ways; The first memory type Rated clock, such as (DDR3 1333MHz), and the second insert type with bandwidth, for example, the same as the previous memory has the type of bandwidth (PC3-10600), and while the list comes to the types of memory order from fastest to slowest: [4 ]

  • DDR4 3200 / PC4-25600
  • DDR4 2666 / PC4-21300
  • DDR4 2133 / PC4-17000
  • DDR3 1600 / PC3-12800
  • DDR3 1333 / PC3-10600
  • DDR3 1066 / PC3-8500
  • DDR3 800 / PC3-6400

Best main memory types

Of the best main memory types as follows: [5]

  • Vinzhins Walid Corsair (Corsair Vengeance LED).
  • LG Scheele Trident (G.Skill Trident).
  • Kingston Hieber X-Predator (Kingston HyperX Predator).


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