The form of the tumor in the breast

The form of the tumor in the breast


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Cancer is a disease (Cancer) of the most prevalent types of diseases, a disease that invades cells and makes the growth of abnormal growth and become the body is unable to control the growth of cells and infect these cancer several cells of different areas of the body, including the tongue, brain, breast, uterus, skin, blood and others.

Called cancer cells described aggressive cells (Aggressive), this came the label on the principle of reproduction and spread, which begins to grow and divide abnormal and uncontrolled, and then begin the process of invasion of cellular tissue and nearby neighbors and work to destroy them little by little, and the subject of our research we will look for the type types of cancer, a breast cancer in terms of symptoms, and severity, and treatment, and the form and all related.

breast cancer

This is called a type of cancer in English (Breast Cancer), targeting breast men cancer and women alike, but mostly women reported a greater proportion of injury by, and in breast cancer work of cancer cells to invade the breast tissue, leading to a proliferation of disorder normal cells in breast tissue and prevent their growth.

The normal cells hit by division is natural to multiply rapidly and is abnormal, leading to the formation of a mass of these tissues caused by the growth process of non-routine is called on this formed mass called "tumor", and divides the types of tumor to a benign tumor and metastasis.

These tumors are classified in this way based on its impact in other cells, Valkhbayth grow and multiply in an abnormal manner and destroy healthy tissue in the body, and in the absence of early detection of the presence of cancerous cells, the cells divide and spread away to different places in the body leads to the spread of cancer more than the body is the breast area. Tissue cells divide the breast into three basic types of tissue, namely:

  • Tissue glandular: a tissue that is working on the packaging of milk-producing glands and milk ducts.
  • Supporting tissue: a tissue composed of a mixture of fatty tissue in the breast fibroblasts bond area.
  • Texture lymphocytic: breast featuring a group of tissues that fall within the immune system and function of the disposal of cellular fluids and waste.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States, particularly among women over the age of fifty, [1] In the case of breast cancer, there is a set of changes that may appear on the breast, and can mention some of them as follows: [2]

  • A change in the size or shape of a breast, or both.
  • The emergence of a new mass, or increase the thickness of the skin in the breast.
  • Note change in the appearance of the nipple, as if become sunken in the breast.
  • Tnkir the appearance of the skin overlying the breast.
  • Out secretions stained with blood from one breast nipples.
  • The appearance of swelling or lump in the armpit area.
  • The appearance of the rash on the nipple, or around.

Form of breast cancer

The tumor takes cancerous in the breast form of "mass", and is the bloc as a preliminary offer to detect or infer the presence of cancerous cells in the body, and these are quite different mass from other breast tissue, and this block could be in the armpit area (under the hand ) It is a concentrated mass of lymph nodes.

Types of Breast Cancer

Physicians breast cancer is classified into two types:

  • Gaseous breast cancer (Invasive), and this kind of rapid transition and breast cancer spread to other body cells.
  • Cancerous cells in situ (noninvasive-in situ): The cancer cells in this type fixed cells do not invade the surrounding cells and can this type of cancer in the ducts that carry milk or lobes appears, and when it appears in the lobes of the area it is in Milkiness glands, and in if you do not undergo this type of treatment, it is possible to move to the stage of breast cancer invader.

The seriousness of breast cancer factors

There are a range of factors that may increase the risk of breast cancer, including the following: [3]

  • The presence of genetic genetic factor.
  • Aging, where women increases the risk of breast cancer with age provided.
  • Race, are often diagnosed with breast cancer among white women in the United States.
  • Family medical history of breast cancer, since the presence of a family member suffers from breast cancer increases the risk of developing this type of cancer.
  • Increase the component density of the breast tissue, which increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Smoking, especially when you start smoking before having the first child.
  • Increased body weight.
  • Lack of physical exercise activity.
  • Alcohol.

Early screening for breast cancer

It is possible that the women themselves are subject to early screening to detect breast cancer, and it will be a month after six or seven days after the menstrual cycle, preferably such testing during bathing, and examination will be as follows:

  • Looking at the breasts through the mirror to compare them and make sure Khaloheme swelling or abnormal secretions.
  • Bending forward with hands placed on the waist (center) with the pressure to the shoulders and elbows forward together.
  • Left breast using the right hand with the left hand lifted checking up, and make sure the outer section of the breast, and be in a circular motion down to the nipple examination, examination and includes the areas of breast and armpit down.
  • Do pressure on the nipple gently to make sure they are free of abnormal secretions.
  • Do the same previous steps on the right breast using the left hand.
  • Re self-examination while lying down on the back.

Breast cancer diagnosis

The doctor diagnosed breast cancer by making some different tests, and some of them can be stated as follows:

  • Conducting imaging tests, and tests that are made in this case as follows: [4] ultrasound examination, which can Khalah distinguish the bag filled with liquid from the solid mass. Magnetic resonance imaging, can be through this examination to determine the area of ​​extension of the cancer and its spread. Mammography, and it is through this technique to get pictures show the blocks, or distortions formed in the breast.
  • Ultrasound examination, which can Khalah distinguish the bag filled with liquid from the solid mass.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, can be through this examination to determine the area of ​​extension of the cancer and its spread.
  • Mammography, and it is through this technique to get pictures show the blocks, or distortions formed in the breast.
  • Breast test; In order to make sure there are blocks, or other changes to the breast.
  • Taking a biopsy of the breast tissue, and examined to distinguish cancer cells from other tumors.

Breast Cancer Treatment

  • X-ray: the infected subject to breast cancer imaging and radiation in the age group between thirty five and even thirty-nine years, and the aim of this breast imaging to a preview of the inside because it is not visible to the doctor.
  • Surgery (removal) may require surgery for infected women with breast cancer to remove the tumor only if the small size or work on a full mastectomy if spread in the breast, and eradication in this case depends on the size of the tumor and its spread.
  • Estimated at about Gray 60 radiation therapy: is subject to all patients with breast cancer after resection of the tumor radiation treatment, which is a very powerful radiation function destroy cancer cells and reduce its activity and prevent their spread, and the patient takes a radiation dose and be several sessions divided that the patient gets all session Gray 2 (known as the Gray unit used to measure radiation dose), while the part gets excised from it (the tumor) at the highest percentage of the usual dose of about Gray 10-16.
  • Chemotherapy: It is the most widespread and most comprehensive treatment, and given to cancer patients by intravenous injection and function of the elimination of cancer cells and kill completely.
  • Hormone therapy: given cancer patient drugs or medications lead to a change in the work of hormones, in order to prevent getting the necessary hormones that help cancer to cell growth, and may also subject the patient in the case of hormone therapy to surgical intervention for the removal of organs that secrete certain hormones Kalambayd in women.


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