The fastest way slimming

The fastest way slimming


Many people suffer from the problem of weight gain; This problem is driven by a sense of frustration and depression, and therefore adversely affect their lives, forcing them to follow the ways of costing them a lot of weight loss and weight loss such as buying sports machines, or thermal underwear, or perform liposuction fat surgical operations. During this article we will talk about some ways effective slimming and easy application.

The fastest way slimming

  • Drink plenty of water: promotes eating a glass of water before each meal of the feeling of fullness, and thus not eating more foods that provide the body with calories that lead to the accumulation of fat, and weight gain.
  • Moderation in eating our favorite foods: Avoid refrain completely and suddenly from eating our favorite foods, and try to reduce the intake quantity of it gradually.
  • Careful to eat protein at every meal: The protein of the most nutrients that make us feel fuller for a long time, and saves us the muscle mass, and helps to burn fat, so we are keen to incorporate foods rich in protein in our diets such as cheese, nuts, eggs, fat-free and meat.
  • Add spice to the food: contribute to add spice to our food in the feeling of fullness, and thus eat less of it, and lower calories within the body.
  • Care to food intake at night: should pay attention to the quantities of food intake after dinner and quality, and care to be low calorie, so they do not exceed the value of a hundred calories.
  • Eating several small meals during the day: studies have shown that when the division of the main meals three to five meals throughout the day, we can control the weight and appetite better.
  • Replace pasta with vegetables: Eating large amounts of vegetables, and reduce the intake amounts of pasta and bread will reduce the proportion of calories calorie intake up to 200 calories, thereby reducing the weight very quickly.
  • Careful eating breakfast: Eating breakfast always makes us feel full for a longer period; Studies have shown that people who abstain from eating breakfast suffering from hunger dramatically during the day, and an increase in weight as a result of the quantities of food intake to meet the hunger.
  • Add fiber to our diet: Be careful fiber intake on a daily basis; It helps digestion, prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol.
  • Adequate sleep: The sleep sufficiently for a period of not less than seven hours leading to the body produces a larger amount of the hormone to stimulate hunger, and reduces the production of hormone satiety, and thus burn more calories, and weight reduction.
  • Avoid foods that cause obesity: for the success of the process of slimming, weight reduction, we must avoid all foods that lead to obesity Krkaiq potatoes, ice cream, etc., and reduce the temptation by her away from home.
  • Fill the kitchen healthy foods: The availability of ready-to-eat foods and heating contributes to the stability of the weight, so care must be taken to provide healthy foods in the kitchen such as cheese, canned tomatoes, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables and fruits, cooked legumes, which contribute to the success of the slimming system.


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